Healthy Matters

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been placing things in order for my future. The first thing I had to take care of was checking in with a doctor about my health. Since the time that I reported my drastic weight loss I discontinued going to the gym. I still didn’t feel right. After being given an appointment almost 5 weeks in advance. The waiting game begin. I was waiting for answers, causes and assistance on getting back healthy. The day of my appointment was reminiscent of a child looking under its pillow to see what the tooth fairy gave during the night. A part of me was scared yet thankful that I could tell something wasn’t right with me. I had just recovered from a cold and feeling like crap. A look in the mirror reminded me of my weight loss.

The doctor was pleasant and took a real interest in my concerns. (I think it helped that I came bearing insurance cards! lol jk) She commenced to examining and asking questions. During the exam she discovered an abnormality that brought her a bit of concern. She informed me that I had an enlarged thyroid. Explaining to me that this could be the cause behind my weight fluctuation. This scared the crap out of me and just like that she told me to get dressed. What comes with any visit when they’re trying to figure out what is wrong with you- blood test! That’s right she ordered them all HSH, Hepatitis, HIV and a gang more. I was for sure about one of these test but I said “hey let her run it!” I think you can figure out which one I was confident about. The visit with my doctor was over and she forwarded me to the ladies educated in drawing blood from people with a follow up appointment for the next week. In true phlebotomist form they couldn’t locate the vein to draw the blood and my attitude emerged. After seeing the may vials of blood needed, I became worried.

The worry hung with me for about 4 days. I wasn’t eating, talking or engaging in my regular activities as much. Let me not even elaborate on the fear I was getting from surfing the Internet for causes and remedies of the concern. OMG! While visiting my Twitter timeline I noticed a few people talking about Dawn Seekers. I had missed a few before and I kept saying I wanted to go. A complete stranger encouraged me to come on. I set my alarm to get up and go but my body kept telling me to lay down. This event requires you to be up before the dawn to praise & worship God as the day breaks. As I laid down for a few extra moments saying to myself “you’ll make it next time,” something inside of me said “Today!” I jumped up and got ready in record time. Racing down the freeway with purpose and on a journey by myself I parked and walked into just what my spirit needed. Release of the worry, the words to continue on my journey of happiness with the faith that started the movement and belief that God was taking care of me through this medical scare. Tears and tissue later we ladies emerged from the arena into the light of day rejoicing.

My follow up appointment came and I entered the room with an authoritative presence that whatever was said I would take charge of it. All the taste came back negative! The only problem was my nutrition. I wasn’t eating enough. Welp! Thankfully I know how to fix that. I walked out with the victory over my fears which had been left inside the dawn that Saturday morning worship service. I’m eating better now and proud to say I’m already noticing a difference in my weight. In conjunction with my healthy eating habits, I’ve been informed that I can go back to the gym. Thank goodness! Let’s just say I’m back on track and loving it.


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