Clean Hair No Shampoo

Since the beginning of the year, Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments Instagram page has been offering its followers healthy alternatives, suggestions and hairducation in addition to the initial products of the company.  And yes, I did coin that little “hairducation” term. It’s just hair education because being NATURAL is an ever learning lifestyle change.  We all need motivation and additional information from time to time.  Weekly we provide all natural recipes, humor and tips. I assure the followers that I would never suggest to them something that I wouldn’t perform on my own hair.  With that being said…  Follow @sleeping_beautyhg if you’re not and check out what I recently did to to my hair.

I’ve been educated about hair in so many ways.  It’s been an awesome assistant to keep me on the path toward my most healthiest head of hair.  So the things I know about my hair without fail is IT GROWS.  Sometimes more than others, it’s a nice texture and history has shown when I’m in charge of my hair the care is unmatched.  No discredit to my long standing beautician Fred & Maya but I devote the type of time that’s required.  However one of the golden rules of natural hair care is low-no manipulation styling. In my conscious efforts to abide by the law, I would wash my hair twist it and wear it under a wig until the next wash day in a week.  When that day came the amount of shedding was overwhelming and understandable.  Due to the knowing fact that hair sheds daily and I have my hair hidden for 168 hours at most. That means at least 840 hairs want to be set free from my scalp when the day arrives. It was a little frightening at the beginning but instead of panicking I hairdcated myself.  The information was pointing toward me changing up my regimen to include more moisture/ care.  This lead me to create a spot for a midweek cleanse of the scalp and early parole for shedding hair.


Because it takes FOR-E-VER to wash natural hair the proper way I decided to cleanse with no shampoo through an alternative homemade recipe found on Pinterest.  Very simple method with great results.  I even cleaned #19’s hair with it!  The information in the graphic above is what I used.  Spraying each section massaging scalp and hair to the ends.  It only took me a fraction of time to clean my hair with minimal shed.  I could see the shine and removal of product buildup instantly.  I’ll let you know if it assisted me after my wash tomorrow.

As always keep smiling, it might be the joy someone else needed.

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