Oh Yeah You Know

Aye yo! You know what time of year we’re in – This is the age of Aquarius! All the rest may require some attention but not as much as Moi. The plan was to keep it simple and just have dinner. Shawn always gets excited about everybody’s burfday! I should have known she had something up her sleeve! Let me bring you up to speed on how the events of the evening unfolded.

It all started several months before in a dream I had about some camouflage slacks. There was a major factor in the way, they were not in any of the stores I frequented. One day in JoAnn’s fabrics on a Sleeping Beauty mission, I was blindsided by the fabric from my dream. There it was rolled on a bolt ready for me to grabbed up a few yards. Now lets put this in perceptive. I’ve never sewn a garment in my entire life. Repair – yes! Manufacture – no! So how in thee hell was I going to know how much fabric I needed for my pants. I didn’t but I factored my slim frame, long legs and knowledge of fabric widths to help me tell the cutter to hand me 2 yards of this heavenly material. Now I had to find the look of the pants I wanted and more importantly I had to find a seamstress! All of this had t be accomplished before my birthday because I knew I wanted to wear this outfit! This look changed several times but was solidified when I found this not leather like cognac colored tee. BINGO! Let me not even mention that I copped it for $12 from Express! ūüôā Where the hell was the seamstress that I so desperately needed? Let us not forget that I live in Detroit!

Sidebar: i have a problem with people saying they are in fashion but DO NOT have the foggiest idea about how to manufacture a custom garment. I experienced several people who were recommended and I reached out to them and they never replied to my inquires. That certainly isn’t the best way to get your clientele up and display your work. I know exactly what I want when I want it. Was I looking for a Gordon Gartrell made by Denise Huxtable- NO! I just wanted these pants! If you want me to believe you’re in fashion the way you say, you better know how to manifest my vision.

So here’s my Burfday look for 2014!!!


You see I got just what I wanted! All the way down to the shoes, which caught me completely off guard with their funky color and chunky heel. I kept it simple with my accessories and make up. Let the night begin! The dinner was help at the swank 24 Grille located in the Book-Cadillac Hotel. As I sat at the bar awaiting my cousins, I was surprised by a few unexpected faces of my co-workers and friends. In true celebratory fashion the drinks were passed and refilled at the hand of Luke our excellent waiter for the evening. Here we are in our makeshift hallway studio to play as the backdrop for the photo shoot. ¬†There were a gang of pictures some I dare NOT post and have not been delivered! ¬†You know how the photographer with the camera phone take so long sending you the pics from an EPIC night. ¬†It’s never 1 hour photo! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†This was my favorite of the one’s I received!

The Marines.jpg

After leaving a gorgeous dinner and having 4 Belvedere, pineapple & cranberry juices in my system. ¬†I wasn’t feeling any pain and ready to proceed to the next place Centaur! Now we haven’t talked about this place before but it’s something like my Cheers. ¬†I just love this place! ¬†Before I could get my coat off I had 2 drinks in hand. ¬†Laughing, joking and talking right into the turning up of all the lights! ¬†The group grew smaller as we moved on to the next stop. ¬†Keep in mine Detroit nightlife shuts down at 2 am religiously. ¬†So where were we going you may never get there and truthfully speaking I was a virgin to the interior of the venue.

Centaur Nights.jpg

The Lights.jpgThe Favor.jpg

Down a narrow dark street behind the country’s oldest open market with limited parking I found the black door of Cutter’s. ¬†Within the next couple seconds I was whisked into the walls of the intimate place and overwhelmed by the rush. ¬†As my sister grabbed my hand she lead me to someone I hadn’t seen in a while but we’ve talked about him numerous times. ¬†No Belvy in this place! ¬†I had to settle for Grey Goose in a small plastic cup – talk about a decline from the high life! LOL ¬†It really didn’t matter because I drank it and began the laughing, dancing, talking and picture-taking all over again for another 2 hours.


After 7 drinks, 3 locations and a long day my unexpected night was over! ¬†Once again, I had a blast! Ran around this town like I owned the place all in celebration of being one year older, wiser and happier. ¬†I’m sure you’re curious about the glass and it’s meaning! ¬†All my guest received one of these as a favor from the dinner. ¬†I ended up with a set! Don’t ask me how that happened or if you can have my extra glass… ¬†Next year I’ll be 35 and if the pattern of the last 3 burfdays we’ve shared together continues I’m sure I’ll have a good time! ¬†I thank everyone involved in making my birthday weekend a success and memorable occasion.

I thank you all for your birthday wishes and greetings!

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