Lavender Oil

Before I started using Coconut oil for everything I bought a small bottle of lavender oil from this local herbalist Mical. I loved it! The smell was good it didn’t leave me feeling and looking like a pork roast (shiny) and was good for my skin. I paid $15.00 for this bottle. Still have it to this day. In the course of me doing what I so often do, surf the web. I found a recipe to create the same oil if not better. So, I made a batch and it’s simple enough for you to create as well.

The only things you’ll need are:

  • Glass bottle with lid
  • Few Sprigs of fresh lavender
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

That glass bottle almost gave me a hard time until one night after I finished an individual serving on wine and looked at the bottle screaming “BINGO!” But you’re more that free to use a mason jar or buying a new bottle. (I had to wait after I cleaned it to make sure all of the alcohol was gone.)

Push the sprigs of lavender into the bottle. You can tear the leaves from the stem or place them whole. Carefully pour the EVOO into the bottle on top of the herb. Seal tight with the cap and place in a dark cool area of your home. Within 2 days you will begin to smell the aromatic oil. The infusion process has begun.
Currently, I’m using this oil as a pre-poo on the days I shampoo my hair. In doing this I just saturate the hair with the oil cover and let sit as long as I want. This step makes my hair a little more manageable during this process. Another use I have for it is as a moisturizer for my hands. The lavender intensifies with proper storage and time. In the end this oil smelled and felt better that the product I purchased.

Here’s to the beginning of living a Beau Miss Lifetyle.


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