The NYE Report

Coming live from Detroit, Michigan! It’s “The NYE Report.” The pressure was high, the temps were low and I had been resting up since the 20th of December! We’ll do our same recap as the year before. Let’s go!

A the anxiety of the day had me up at the crack of dawn but I couldn’t move from fear of exhausting all my energy. My hair, which has not received any form of hear pretty much all year was about to undergo a transformation for the big evening. It was getting flat ironed by the fabulous Stephanie Ford. She was recommended to me via one of my “curlfriends” Jacinta. The service was amazing and my hair was gorgeous! I’ll definitely be to see her again for other services needed to maintain the excellent growth of my hair.

Next on the agenda- nails! Handled by my regular group of Asians and we had a good time as always! No brows because my bang was totally covering them. One last errand and I can go home all before 3:00pm.

The outfit was complete decided to go with the pants this year. Thanks to Kaleena I found some gorgeous pumpkin (I don’t want to call them orange!) hue slacks from BCBG. Using the ever knowing Google, I found the exact shirt I was looking for to complete the look. Unlike other years when I’ve specified that everything had to be new. I changed it up this year just to meet up with my financial goals and new level of maturity. I’m sure if you look back through my photos you’ll find these circa 2010 peep-toe pumps. They’re very comfortable, complimented the fashion vision I had yet required NO extra funds from my coffers. The accessories were straight from my jewelry box, adding a touch of shine to my canvas.

In our ritualistic manner, we got ready for a 10ish departure. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned leaving a quartet to set Detroit on fire as a duo! With an unforgiving panty line i waa running out of options to make it on time. (I’ll let you use your imagination to come up with my resolution! I refuse to speak on it.) No sweat off my back my confidence was in another atmosphere as we cruised toward the downtown area. After discovering an unrealistic line at our destination we opted to switch venues! The Reserve is where we landed!


Racing in to beat the clock, get a drink in our hands to scream HAPPY NEW YEAR was the mission. A little incorrect arithmetic problem at the door shined the light to inform me that 2013 had been great & 2014 was going to be better. As we made our way to the bar they were positioning the champagne for our toasts. We made it with :08 seconds to spare! There under the strobe lights and people my cousin and I wished each other HNY. Now it was time for me to get enough liquor to dance all by myself until I was ready to go! 😉

That’s exactly what I did. After 1 glass of Sangria, 2 glasses of Champagne & 2 vodkas with pineapple and cranberry, Goliath would have to come drag me off the dance floor because I was feeling no pain. I don’t know how the old stinky men always seem to find me but the do. This usually leads to me spinning around on the balls of my feet to get away. They never break my stride. Pleased with the outcome of our adventure we decided to leave before the drunk people got out on the road during the early portion of a snow storm we experienced this past week.


The next day I stayed in my pajamas, talked to my love, brother, sister and #19 (who I just found out has a girlfriend)! The countdown has begun to get ready for le BURFDAY. 🙂 it might make someone’s day!

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