4: My Bike Gang


The Prom

This was a shoe in for 1st place a couple months ago! Then I wrote it all down and The Detroit SlowRoll came in 4th place. Needless to say it did rank within the top 5 events for the year. As the season came to a close and I missed the last 2 rides, I knew I’d be anxious for the next season to begin.

I miss my Monday bike ride through the city of Detroit. Talking to everyone from all walks of life, laughing with old friends and the crazy girl chat that would go down in the mist of the hundreds of people. A couple ‘Good Fellas’ would be proud of all the real business we talked about with no one knowing exactly what we were saying. The guys that decked their bikes out like a house at Christmas time always brought the music. We even had one participant with the videos. I’ll be ready next spring to show them how I do!



20131227-223434.jpg Photo credit @backtodetroit on Instagram
Every week there was a new route and people! This has by far been on of the coolest things I’ve done while living in the city. While riding people often asked us “what are you riding for?” We’d say al kinds of silly stuff but the best had to be when we rode for Literacy!!!

20131227-223851.jpg A great cause to assist volunteers with the tutoring of children in the metro area. You all know I’m all for READING.

I can’t wait for it to start again. However I better get my bicycle of the the shop so they can have me out on the open road styling! One question- do you think I should get it painted russian navy or silver birch?


The Ambassador.jpg My Last Ride of the Season

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