5: Langston

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. Kinky Friedman

He’s been my little ray of sunshine since I 1st saw him. Needless to say those ever color changing eyes have gotten him out of more trouble than the infamous “Puss in Boots!” He’s grown so much in the past 4 months. Very bow legged, nosy and territorial are some descriptive words for him. It’s true he’s not as aggressive as people think. For the most part he just wants to play all day and requires all your attention. You move he moves, if you’re going he wants to go and when company comes over they came to see him. He just wants to be rubbed!

It’s been made pretty evident that he needs to go to school – PRONTO! He’s in the habit of jumping in the dining room chairs looking for food on the table, jumping at people all the time and picking up everything and moving it to his desired area. One of our household mysteries stars him.

When I first took ownership of Langston I got him a harness and leash. He hated that harness. I took it and place it where I could retrieve it when it was time to take him out again. I came to find it and it was gone. After ripping through the house I concluded it must have been thrown in the trash. Well I’m no dumpster diver so I said I’ll get another one. One night he’s upstairs waiting for #19 to take him down for bed. We hear ‘clink clank clink clank’ and the sound of his big feet hitting the floor. We come to see what he has & it’s the harness! He hid it somewhere and was ready to go outside again.

With everything that he has been to us. We are conflicted with the battle of trying to see if he can stay because at times he becomes very aggressive and possessive. I refuse to have him attack someone. People keep telling me everything seems new to me because he’s a different breed. Yeah ok! Let’s not mention that I still want to move and a lot of places don’t allow pets, especially pit bulls. I’m going to keep thinking of a way for us to stay together. Even though it seems we may have to part.

Maybe I’ll ask my mom or dad to keep him… 😉


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