6: Working In Cyberspace

The funniest thing I’ve heard is society made you a job! I think the reason it’s so funny is because they’re RIGHT!!! Who would have thought after my educational training, employment experience & knowledge of social media, I’d be tweeting for a living! I guess it’s better than stripping or dancing! Lol

The beginning of the year I began the journey of professional Twitter hawk for – I know I never told you! Here goes – General Motors! From the inside of their international headquarters in downtown Detroit. I know I kept my trap shut about the specifics but I know all my readers are super intelligent and you probably already figured it out.

20131225-185955.jpg Jessica, Amber, myself & Erica – my day 1 team
I’ll be the 1st to tell you that the job is fun and exciting. However, you have to be careful as not to become too comfortable with the socializing aspect while remaining professional for the company! I’ve seen so many things while monitoring the potential customers Ivan interact with! Let me say this some of the things people put up on Twitter literally take my breath away. Another factor of performing this type of work is that I rarely tweet from my personal account. We can call that an occupational hazard but I’m cool with it.


If you ever have a question about your GM vehicle, feel free to tweet us! I go by ^MW. They even have my face of the customer care page of two brands. I’ll let you figure those out. When I started college some many moons ago I never thought I’d end up in the automotive industry. My goal was always to be downtown though. We can conclude that 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! 😉


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