7: I Love My Hair

Merry Christmas from Detroit


I pledge to my strands for as long as I write this blog you will never be forgotten. There’s always room to talk about my hair & yes it fell a few spaces from last year. It didn’t fall off. We experienced more drama & fewer trips to the salon. I’ve only been twice this year!

As I told you I began my full natural journey April 2. It was a little scary because I love changing my look out of boredom. So I knew I had to protect my hair from me. The decision was maid to get a sew in weave. I think I wanted the box braids but the stigma on them was too much for a lady like me.


The Same Girl Different Hair was sent from The Lord to help we win the battle for my hair. After 20 weeks underneath the braids, caps &wefts! I freed my hair from the man made bondage I place upon it. Drum roll please!!! Minimal breakage, head full of hair & longer by 3.5 inches! I was over excited because a trouble area of my mane had suffered for 10 years to grow & here it was thriving! Toward the end of having the install connected to my hair. I was over it! I wanted to see my hair & everything it had been through. I was pleasantly surprised. Confused about what to do next I opted to wear a wig for the next couple weeks. A length check is definitely in order! We’ll see how every thing measures out on NYE.. Yup! I’m going to straighten my hair.

I may do this again to retain more length but it probably won’t be for the same amount of time. I am not my hair but I love it. 🙂


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