8: Supportive Detroit Fun

I knew the tide had turned when I’d rather go to the liquor store, chill at home & laugh with my friends. The time had come for my to let go of my childish ways. A routine that use to have me in the street from Wednesday to Sunday. I was tired of the same old thang (yes, I said thang) faces & money blowing just because I had it. This year was the beginning of my transition into healthy meaningful events.

I won’t drag you through every party with a cause I attended. The list includes Bravo Bravo, Detroit Jazz Festival, Tux & Chucks, Lighthouse of Oakland County peanut butter & jelly drive and so many others.

In my effort to be more conscious about the events I choose. Somehow I noticed I don’t drink alcohol as much while I’m out. You might be able to call it a crazy coincidence. On my Instagram earlier this year I posted ” I only have time for affairs.” The party life has transformed in a networking community involvement. This gives me more purpose & warm feeling in my heart.



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