9: Streaming Garden Project

No, we haven’t decided to place a stream in the church garden. I’m speaking in reference to the digital streaming that prevents us from receiving information as fast as we want. You all know how passionate I am about gardening and the assignment I have within the church. Well once again the progress was halted by congregational administration red tape. But you probably already figured that out by my lack of posts about the next step after we prepared the bed for flowers. I’ll give you the short version. Moreover I want to explain why this is an important event of my 2013.

The bed was cleared for us to prep the soil and plant the flowers as the introduction of the Herbert B. Robinson Sr. Memorial Garden project early summer. I even agreed to have the church landscaper to clear out the remaining portion of the bed because only three (3) members assisted me with the work. As I stood a little taller filled with pride over our forward movement with the endeavor, I was hit with an unforeseeable blow. They said “don’t plant yet until we get the building painted.” Okay! When are they planning to paint the building? It was so long ago, I can’t remember if they said this week or next week. Either way it went it was neither week. The summer was almost over before they painted that wall. The grass had filled the bed up again and once I again I felt defeat. A feeling I want to personalize because I find it hard to believe the church doesn’t want to have this garden prepared or functional for other events. I feel no true support for the vision I have for the space or the memory/tribute I feel is owed to the legacy of our but mainly my former pastor. There has been hurdle after hurdle and my frustration has yield a sour taste on my tongue for the non-profit. With all of these feelings I still have a desire to continue. The question is am I alone?

I’m currently, planning a schedule to present to the pastor which meets my needs and satisfies the work I want to begin. It’s been two (2) gardening seasons since this was initiated. At all times, I’m exploring other avenues to create a better life for my family. This was a portion of my talent & time offering to the church. Now that I am equipped with more information and a stubborn attitude to reject the failure I feel. It time to aggressively move in the direction I want to see on land rather than just in my dreams.

The reason this pitfall event made it to the countdown is because it displays the growth I’ve experienced over these years. The old me would have just threw her hands up and said just forget about it. The matured woman understands that sometimes you have to go about things a different way. Especially when those things will add value to your life and as much as I love making money – that’s not the value I speak of. 🙂


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