Beautifully Understood: Dag Hammarskjold

Let’s revisit an old classic – Beautifully Understood! As we prepare to enter into the 11th hour of the year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the year so far. Remember when felt like it took so long? He’ll many of us are guilty of still clock watching on our jobs. this Monty’s quote captures in a few lines what I feel happiness truly is. Letting go of your fear, negativity, procrastination and enjoying the moments you experience in life.

Time always seems long to the child who is waiting for Christmas, for next summer, for becoming a grown-up: long also when he surrenders his whole soul to each moment of a happy day. ~ Dag Hammarskjold

You can’t enter this submissive covenant with yourself unless you’re willing to put the work in. Laugh a little more, don’t sweat it and most importantly do whatever you feel that brings you an unparalleled amount of joy.

After you reflect on the 1st 10 hours of the year, see if there’s room for you to gather the feeling described. If there’s no time to reach this accomplishment, do something else from your life’s to-do list!! In the meantime, smile for the entire world to see your beautiful glow.

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