Work Flow & Go


After spending the entire Summer season on the night shift, my opportunity to choose the schedule I wanted 1st came. I didn’t go for the most desired of schedules but it’s a favorable one. Moving to the day shift seemed to be a better fit for my life. The kid’s school is literally down the street and he has to be there 30 minutes before I am expected at work.

In an effort to keep things moving and not waste time and gas. We meet up in the lobby of the office and continue our day from there. On Mondays, he joins me on the Slow Roll and on the other days he readies himself for football practice. Seems pretty seamless right! I’ve discovered this can’t go on!

My days are not as profitable as I’m accustomed to on my journey. Most of the things I’d like to do are NOT getting done due to the time in transit and waiting to return home. After returning to my residence, I’m beat and I just want to go to sleep. How can I when I have a hungry kid, new puppy and small business that need me? Something suffers from the neglect. The 1st was my blog! It hurt me to see readers come everyday and I had no new content. I’ve taken my time to build this platform not to see it crumble. The next thing was Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments. Sure, I was getting the word out via Instagram but my stops at local beauty shops in the area were cut out. This created a negative effect financially on me. My ability to get out to the people and show them the product had taken me further than ever before. The new additions to the line were ready but I didn’t have the time to promote as in the past. As you can see, I wasn’t even considering ignoring #19 and Langston! It may have only been a short amount of time but it was theirs to have. It was at this moment, I knew I had to make a decision. Yes it was going to be hard on us again but it’s what had to be done. It’s the only way I’ll be happy! Isn’t that what this is all about taking risks to reach my ultimate goal? Most definitely!!

🙂 for me because I’m still 🙂

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