The Cure for the Fever

Everyone wants to know… Do you want to have more children? Of course I do and if you’ve been around me for the last two years it was probably my number one desire. Next only to purchasing my own home. However, I remembered a pact I made with God or he made with me. I wouldn’t have anymore children until I was married. I really think he’s holding me to my word. So I concluded this is what I really want. But I still had the urge to have a baby and NO amount of Pinterest posting and daydreaming was helping what I was feeling. Until one day on Facebook. A friend posted a video of … A large litter of – PUPPIES!


I fell head over heels for this little gray guy over my iPhone. After contacting the seller, I began to prepare for the little guy. Let’s be honest I hadn’t had a dog in15 years that I truly cared about. So I was kind of a newbie again! I picked Langston up 6 weeks after his birth, which happened to be the exact birthdate of my granddaddy Charles. He was the cool one in the group. This let me know he was right for my family. We brought him home and after a rough two nights he shipped into shape, through the assistance of a forum and my co-worker Jennifer! He’s adopted the schedule and training rather well thus far.

He’s a blue mixed pit bull full of attitude and curious about everything. The mention of getting a dog sent #19 into a frenzy. He said “You bet not bring no dog in here!” So who practically call the Humane Society on me when I didn’t check on the dog during the day while we were at work and school – him. He loves Langston! The 1st night I brought him home. I saw him giving the pup his jacket to sleep in because he was cold. Now, they’re together all the time. Funny but I knew this would happen! I’m looking to train him to be a social dog. All of my other dogs have been very aggressive. I wouldn’t say that about that Boxer I had that didn’t bark. I just don’t want Langston to be a target amongst the other dogs in Detroit. I’ll keep you updated on his progression in our family.

As far as the baby goes… He’s it for right now until my blessings are ready for me! Let’s all smile for a very large case of puppy love. 🙂


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