I Really Miss You

It seems like every year around this time we become disconnected via life situations.  Well, I see you all have been checking up on me! (blushing) I’ve neglected to stay in touch with you.  Even after I had set a specific day to post updates, I have NOT stuck to my word! Please accept my sincere apology.  There has been so much going on and believe me there’s so much more for us to discuss!  In the coming weeks we’re going to have a couple new additions to the posting rotation and more consistency from me.  Currently, I’m composing a list of things to bring you up to speed on. It’s been an interesting couple weeks.  Happiness is STILL at the forefront of my journey!

Marti Mar

There have been smiles, tears, questions, good and bad days. I’m going to begin to tell you about them this week.  I don’t want to tell you which day but be assured that I will chat with you again within the next couple days.  How many things am I going to tell?   Stay tuned for all of the spiciness you’ve come to love and find entertaining!! As always smile for someone else more than yourself!!


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