Slow Rolling in Detroit

Sounds like a dance, right? Maybe a combination of some Jamaican influence with a few Detroit twists, right? Nope not at all!! It’s a regional bike ride through the city of Detroit. People from all over, join together at these weekly determined meeting areas and ride slow on BICYCLES. I was introduced to this by my friends Mr. & Mrs. Eugene-Louis and it was the baby girl of 3 The Hard Way that suggested we participate.

I’ve been meaning to purchase a bike for some time now. But as #19 got older and he and his friends venture on their way daily. I didn’t have the urgency to purchase one because we weren’t going on our weekly bike rides anymore. So with the team saying that we were going this past Monday I had to find a bike fast. Where do you go when you need a particular thing fast and don’t want to spend a fortune on it – Craigslist! After searching and comparing the options I found, I decided to go with a vintage style New bike that a young lady moving in the next city over was selling. It was everything I needed with a rack on the back, if I needed to carry some stuff. So, after me and my boyfriend Cole picked it up. I was ready to roll. Now, the other 2 members of the group presented their own challenges but we got it together in good fashion. Free parking courtesy of that parking pass they gave me, when I was hired in that shiny building in downtown Detroit assisted us in the cost savings department. After an impromptu photo shoot in the parking garage and a quick restroom break, we were ready but behind the pack of people who came to Slow Roll.

After playing catch up to the crowd, we finally reached them at John R and Milwaukee which is located in Detroit’s New Center area. The herd of cyclers 500+ of all backgrounds, ages and professions rode side by side for 17 miles through some of the city’s forgotten neighborhoods. We stopped by the Dabis African Bead Gallery, bought crafts, talked to each other and took pictures before we started the 2nd half of the ride. I wish I had some information on a gentleman that became overcome by the experience and needed medical attention. I hope he’s okay. As we started up again, the sun had gone down and the moon was high. We were making our way back downtown which was our starting point.

During this leg of the event, we met some guys that promised us they’d help us “Pimp Our Rides” over the winter in preparation for next season. I wanted a horn, lights, new paint and my name stitched on the seat. That’s minimal compared to the iPads and iPods they had attached to their bikes with speakers (they provided the soundtrack for the evening), remote-controlled lights that changed colors and motorcycle kickstands that lifted the front end of the bike off the ground.

Feeling accomplished, hungry and excited for the next time we ventured into Sweet Water Tavern to have ourselves a celebratory meal and enjoy the remainder of the evening. Dwele joined us as we ate and laughed. There was no way we wouldn’t do this again and we had the schedule for the next couple weeks. I just have to figure out if someone can switch a day at work with me so I can go. An unfortunate event presented a change in my original plan to leave work early to participate. After taking the short ride back to our brother’s house, we decided to store our new pass time transportation in his basement until the next time.

Hands down this was one of the funniest things I’ve done in a long time. However, it’s always a good time when the 3 of us get together. Three things I know for sure… I’ll be back again!! Wear closed toed shoes (that’s a whole nother story) and I can still be fly and ride. Last but most importantly, be on time. Lol!!! That racing we were doing to catch up was not in the plan at all.

3THW Ridin'


Slow Roll Detroit takes place on Mondays. I found out about a couple other rides that take place at different times. I’ll just stick with this one and ride with my crew on the other days. Picture me Rollin’!!!

It’s a blast from my past that I enjoyed so much. Can’t wait to get to work to see will someone change with me. If not, I’m leaving early. I want to enjoy the summer as well!! 😉

Join us, search #SlowRollDet on Instagram and Twitter for additional information.


      1. Sounds like a winner!!! They might have these type of events in your area… There’s one here that’s strictly for finding new places to eat. I’m sure there are Slow Rolls across America!!!

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