Girl Make More Money

As promised I’m back with the latest and greatest going on in my life. Well, the Sleeping Beauty hair garments are taking off. We just received high marks from natural hair bloggers Devon and Tenika of Just Curlz. You all know I’ve been working with this hair of mine since before, before and beyond. Lol!! Check out their blog for great tips on everything in natural hair care.


After talking with my newest friend in training and co-worker Erica, I was informed that I needed to start making more money. HOW? I had Sleeping Beauty and my job, I felt I was ahead. Nope!! It was explained to me, I am supposed to have 5, yep five, streams of income. Now, where was I going to get those extra streams from? Thoughts were running through my mind so fast, I had to be still. Then she informed me of some ways I could get it done. After realizing all of the money I was missing, I decided to make an impression on my financial status. This lead me to do something that I enjoyed but I had to leave due to my new work position.
I’m back at the Busy B’s Hand Car Wash on Wednesday. Yes, back chatting up the people, smiling and taking their money. It’s enough to add a full tank of gas or get my bi-weekly manicure and pedicure. This idea generated the 3rd stream. I still needed two more. It was then that I would have to do something that I really had been running away from – selling my clothes.

Lord knows I didn’t want to do this but I knew I had things that would be purchased. I made a deal with myself. The outerwear was off-limits. My love for coats, jackets, trenches is real and I wasn’t ready to part with any. I’m currently on PoshMark and opening an Ebay closet soon. Getting the items I was preparing to sell was tough. However, at some point in the collection process I started looking at all the clothes I’ve only wore once or never wore. I’m going to use my off days from my job to post new items to my closet. This showed me that I wasn’t as attached to my things as people thought. The 4th stream was discovered. Especially with all these holiday parties on the horizon! I’ll have an empty online store in no time.

I’m still in search of that final stream and I have faith it will reveal itself soon enough.  I’m beginning to see things through different eyes now. I can say that over the past week, expenses presented themselves and it felt good to take care of the need and NOT be in financial duress afterward. Saving money is making more sense. I can actually see the money growing. To give myself some accountability I have set a goal for myself and I should be able to reach it by my BURFDAY next year. We’ll see how close I get. I want to surpass my goal.

I almost forgot to tell you to check out Beau Miss Life.  The re- launch of the Beautifully Misunderstood’s lifestyle blog. We’ll try this out. Give me your feedback on the site and what you’d like to see included here.. I mean there.. You know what I mean!!!

As always 🙂 somebody else might need a favor from you.

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