Guess What Day It Is?

Guess what day it is?!?! Anybody? Awww, I know you can hear me!!! Guess what today is – Post day!!! Whoop whoop!!! Don’t you just love that Geico commercial with the camel?! I couldn’t resist myself, lol!  In my last post I promised that I would inform you on the new fall schedule for Beautifully Misunderstood. This is to keep me on track and you in the loop with what’s going on with me. The here and there posting isn’t working for me either.  So, I decided that the best time for us would be WEDNESDAYS!!! That’s right, I chose hump day. This is by far my favorite day of the week. It has to be the most optimistic day to me.  If you haven’t started something, there’s still time before the weekend. There is no urgency attached to it like Friday.  Impatience lives on Monday because people have been waiting all weekend.  So this is how it’s going to go… every Wednesday I guarantee 1 post. (There may be more depending on new developments on this journey.) I’ll also be encouraging viewers to check out posts on the BeauMissLifestyle.  This is the plan and I plan to stick with it just as you have stuck with me.

As always 🙂 a little more… It might brighten someone else’s day!!! Until next WEDNESDAY…. deuces

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