Sleeping Beauty Wasn’t Sleeping

I love getting my rest.  I believe that is essential to aging this grace and preserving your energy.  A person needs to get enough rest.  But trust me when I tell you I wasn’t resting while I was away from you.  My mom wrote me a note to excuse my absence from you (remember when our teachers use to ask us for that note when you returned back to school after being away for a few days, LOL) I’ve been working two (2) jobs.

Yes, I still work at the shiny, tall building in Detroit.  However, before I get there and after I leave duty calls on my other job.  This past Christmas, my mother bought me a sewing machine.  Why?  She said, “You always talking about you gonna make something!! I want to see you do it.” Okay! I had the thing and couldn’t even remember what I said I was going to make.  Then one day while I was doing my hair I felt the bonnet I was using to cover my head and realized it was not true satin… I was a little pissed cause part of the healthy hair system is to wrap your hair with a satin or silk bonnet and/or sleep on a pillowcase constructed of these two fabrics.  I looked at the sewing machine and said “I’m going to make me one.”  That’s what I did!  What I didn’t take into account is that other people found them not only appealing but fashionable! The madness started by making a few pieces and selling them for a few dollars to friends and family.  My sister reached out to me and said we really need to make this into a business.  Well well well, something else to go with my job, mentoring program, being a mom and having a decent social life. I couldn’t figure out where I would find the time.  In the warm of the spring Sleeping Beauty Hair Garments became a registered business in the county of Wayne, Michigan.  Sleeping Beauty

Currently, we have expanded our offering to the world through our Instagram page @sleeping_beautyhg and Twitter @sleepingBhairG.  On IG you can search our selection of fabrics and order a jumbo or average size bonnet, scarf or wrap (which is for those ladies with short hair that want to keep those edges in control).  Orders are submitted through our email:  The prices of the garments are between $30 – $15.  Reasonably priced for quality.  Superior hair requires superior care, that’s how I feel and what the market shows.  Over the past couple weeks I’ve received outstanding feedback and interest in the products and ideas on how I can increase the product line.

I find myself once again in an exciting place and preparing myself for everything to come with this venture.  So when you don’t see me, I’m sewing! Moreover, I’ve decided to create a designated day to post here and keep you updated on what’s STILL going on along MY HAPPINESS JOURNEY!  As soon as, I figure out what that day is I’ll post a special announcement for you.  I thank you all for continuing to check on me even in my absence and look forward to our new time together.  As always… 🙂 it might help someone else more than yourself!!!


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