Bravo Bravo Detroit 2013

At the end of every spring yearly, one of the largest fundraisers for the Detroit Opera House takes place.  People from all over the metropolitan area attend Bravo Bravo.  This is the night you get to stroll and sample food from different restaurants in the area, drink endless amounts of alcohol and socialize with people from all over.  The Opera House is transformed to permit dancing and a few different atmospheres for guest to enjoy.  The theme this year was black and white.  Basically this is the guideline to inspire your choices when choosing what to wear.  People in Detroit are more concerned with “What am I going to wear?” over “How much is the ticket?”  So the search began.  I live to find something on the internet and make an unexpected splash at an event.  With the theme in mind, credit card in hand and my computer charged I headed straight to Pinterest to see what was happening in fashion.  There I found a pin of a model in an all white suit and white top.  I said, “This could work.”  However, I remember my brother saying something to the tune of I never wear a dress.  I looked for a dress and found a nice dress on one of my secret sites.  These were the options. The Choices

What does my brother know?  I wanted that suit.  I needed to be at the 2013 Bravo Bravo in that suit! After a simple search online I found the suit and called to order it because there was a note in bold red lettering stating that the suit was on backorder.  After speaking with the customer service rep she informed me that it would be here.  Okay, great!! The day before the event was to happen. No suit! In a rushed effort I got up with my flexi-rods in my hair, a Sleeping Beauty bonnet on my head and headed to the premier mall in our area The Somerset Collection.  Now, I make it an effort NEVER to go out in this fashion but I needed my curls to set properly for the evening.  Faithful that I would find something that I could transform within the couple of hours before the event.  I had settled on just getting white slacks.  I walked into the store and spotted the pants.  Got in line and was ready to pay but I decided to go back and see, if I was making the right choice. On my second adventure in the store, I located the jacket that went with the pants.  BINGO, I got action!! Concern about the extra money I had to spend on this suit and I already had purchased a suit bothered me as I stood waiting to be assisted by the cashier.  While they bagged my purchases, she informed me that the jacket was on sale.  Ain’t God good, won’t he make a way!!! It was official.  I was ready to enjoy the evening.

Shawn, our cousin and myself planned to have a great time during the evening.  That’s just what we did.  Unable to go through all the details of the night.  I’ll provide a slide show of the evening.  Needless to say the suit was a success.  Glad I didn’t get discouraged by the non-delivery of the original suit.  Here we go from start to finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The suit came the next morning and with a small delay to grab a pen for it to be returned to sender.  I was done with it. To say I had a good time would be an understatement.  I had a blast, found some new beverages to put on my liquor list (elderflower liqueur by St. Germain) and did some amazing networking.  It was bigger and better than years before, but we already know I’ll be back for more next year 🙂

Start to Finish

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