Happiness Journey: Still Moving Forward

Dear Understood,

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” Jim Rohn

I’m writing this letter to let you know that the journey continues.  I am not there, yet!  I don’t want you to feel that it has been aborted because some of my post topics range from the highlighted categories, random tags and inconsistent postings.  This is the virtual book/ snapshot of my life at this moment in time.  When I started this the goals were simple  career, philanthropy, family, religion and love.  This is in no distinct order but I guess by what jumped up in the line and subpoenaed my attention.  I’ll go into detail about what each has meant to the this journey.  Two years ago, I began looking at my life through more discerning eyes.  Some might say it was because I was having a mid-life crisis or felt some extended pressure from my peers.  The TRUTH is I always knew that I wanted more and was capable of having it.  I just became set in my ways and the ways of society that keeps a person wishing instead of planning and doing!!!  I was coming to work miserable.  Every time I see that commercial where she says “You want more, you want more!!” I think of myself.  I had all the equipment to do it.  I just didn’t know how to get it or there to get it.

In my dreams, there are always important phone calls and decisions to be made.  I wasn’t doing anything at the time but making sure people didn’t sit in human waste, go without eating and become disengaged from their community (resident neighbors).  I had to formulate a plan and more importantly create the strength inside me to make a unregrettable move.  Through this past year, you have seen all that I have accomplished, worked toward and more importantly how I’ve began to live my life.  I have taken some of the control back and doing things MY WAY.

My career path looks more promising, as I make an adjustment to re-enter the school routine again.  Time to work on that post grad degree.  The position that I currently hold has an endless amount of opportunities as long as I stay focused.  HUGS (Helping Unforgettable Girls Succeed) was created and although we are experiencing some rocky patches, we’re still looking to grow to the next phase.  As I have expressed so many times to you.  This program has been a dream of mine for years and just to know that we are official is more than enough progress from where it was in my mind.  Of course you know, it doesn’t stop there.  The relationship that I have developed are even stronger with my family than ever before.  During my conventional work sabbatical, I realized that they are the most important thing to me.  I haven’t met a dollar amount or hourly wage that made me want to dismiss them the way I had when I worked all the time.  I started out strong back in my church and although I’ve met my share of obstacles there, my contribution can be seen far beyond the collection plate on Sunday mornings. (Look forward to new pics from the garden project coming soon.) As you can see, I made this last goal last.  This is only because I have decided to be patient and allow what I need present itself to me.  I had to remove all of those negative ideas I had about this portion of my life from my mind.  The best part about all of this is I’m smiling more from a genuine place.  I don’t feel this force to smile when I don’t want to.  Smiling comes from the joy I feel on the inside about the decisions I’ve made, making and planning.

I thank you for taking interest in my story and allowing me to entertain you through my words.  It’s an honor and I am grateful.


Marlea Z. Wilson, your friend

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