Secondhand Marti: Salvation Army Haul

Barbra Streisand sang it in a song best! “Father has a business strictly second-hand/ everything from toothpicks to a baby grand/ Stuff in our apartment came from fathers store/ even things I’m wearing someone wore before/ It’s no wonder that I feel so abused/ I never get a thing that ain’t been used.” Poor “Rose” (that was her name in the song) was so sad about her hand me down garments. So glad we’re not friends she’d probably bring me down because I’d probably love her dad’s store and every other thrift, consignment and vintage establishment in our area. There’s also a chance that I could have helped her feel better about the opportunity of THRIFTING!

I get more excited about a secondhand store than I get pulling into the parking lot of the greatest mall or most exclusive boutique. On days when I just need to get out of the house, I tend to end up at my favorite vintage store Mother Fletcher’s in Ferndale, MI or any one of the Value World’s in my metro area. However, over the last month I ventured into one of the oldest secondhand stores in the nation The Salvation Army. The size of the retailer has often scared me away. I went in the store a while ago and walked right out after it overwhelmed me by the size. Then I just always assumed that’s where all the JUNK is. Boy, was I wrong on two different trips. One day on my way to work I realized I was waaaaaaaaay too early. So, I stop in that same location that I ran out from. As I shifted through the garments on the racks a voice rang out over the intercom system informing the shoppers that there would be an additional 15% taken off the jeans. With my eyes big as saucers, I began looking for as many pairs of jeans that I felt comfortable with taking home with me. After leaving this area with several pieces, I journeyed into the men’s department. I had been looking for a dress shirt to wear for comfort around the house. They had plenty to choose from but I went with the classic blue dress shirt. As I knew the time was drawing near to report to work, I headed to the checkout. My final purchases include a LandsEnd dress shirt, American Eagle Outfitters shorts, Lauren by Ralph Lauren jeans, classic Levi’s skinny jeans (which remind me of some that I got rid of) and a pair of Joe’s denim Bermuda shorts. The total on the receipt gave me even more joy. All of this, for $20.88 and a flyer informing me that on Memorial Day all clothes would be 50% off. These are the items from that visit (excuse the wrinkles, some of them have been in the bag the whole time).

So you just about know when my second visit to a Salvation army happened. That’s RIGHT!! Memorial Day, you didn’t think I was going to miss that sale and I knew exactly which location I was heading to – the one in Royal Oak, MI. Royal Oak is home to some of the best thrifting a girl could experience. I hit the door with a mission. It was simple get something different and for work. This store was a fraction of the size of the one I had visited previously. This made it a lot more “intimate” for all the shoppers that were there to take advantage of this event. I took it all in stride and took my time. After looking through every section except shoes, I don’t mess with no hand me down shoes. This darn place had a daggone dressing room and I headed right for the soup line reminiscent line. After standing in the line for 25 minutes my turn came to get behind this curtain. Arms loaded with everything I thought I wanted, I started trying things on and declining everything that had to stay at the store. Needless to say, I was having an enjoyable time. I didn’t end up getting all the items I chose. However, the bounty was plentiful. After paying $60 for the things I wanted here’s what I got, 7 of all mankind jeans, J. Crew cargo and ankle pants (I’m loving the ankle pant right now), polka dot tank, brand new Banana Republic slacks, Talbots silk scarf and the jewel of the trip a floor length robe. Here are the pics from that excursion and the dressing room.

Yes, I still go to stores and get NEW clothes but more importantly to me they’re all new no matter where I get them from. I give every garment that rests on my skin an opportunity to be involved in the event of my Mojo (personal style). I like saving my money. There are more important things to put the money on, like shoes!! So if you know of any second-hand stores that I should check out let me know.

As always smile, it might make someone else’s day a little more than you. šŸ™‚


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