The Gardening Is Beginning

Hello Everyone,  I know some of you might be a little curious about what happened to the garden I was planning for the church.  First,  let me show you some pictures of the spring flowers that bloomed after our initial planting.  Even though it took Spring longer to get her than expected.  I was totally excited to see them.  Then the evil of all landscaping appeared a few clusters of weeds.

I saw a few areas through the spring planting plan that will receive additional flowers in the fall this year.  I love for flowers to be bountiful, like the gardens of Holland, Versailles and Biltmore.  I’ll more than likely just venture out there myself to take care of these matters.  The unnecessary debate I have to have with the elders of the church weigh me down immensely.  Being that I’m a respectable person, I tend to entertain them more than I should and have to double back to do more work so they “feel” like things are going their way… smh

So, last week the pastor called me and left a message.  I knew what it was about being that the weather here in Detroit had finally snapped allowing a window for us to handle the prep work needed to get the garden going.  The announcement was made for any members willing to lend a hand at digging the grounds up for the garden to come out and offer 2 hours of service Tuesday and Wednesday.  I asked my mom to come with me to allow me to vent to someone if I needed.

My plan includes 3 beds, 2 walls of shrubbery, 1 raised bed, a paved walkway (in the near future) and over 25 specimen of plants.  With the new job and all, this will just be another thing I keep my hands involved in.  My goal when I walked away from my former life was to become a more active member in the church.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do.  Plan in hand and vision in my mind, I designated the areas that needed to be turned over and we got to work.  With only a small delegation of people to show up this is going to take a lot longer than I thought.  We also decided right on the spot that we’ll announce some Saturday planting days to allow more members to come out and participate.  I have a strange feeling I’ll be here more often than the rest as gardening brings me a surreal peace and sense of calm.  I often walk out into my mother’s yard just to look at all the things I have planted of the years, especially the rose bushes.  Here are just a few pictures from the day and the work we accomplished.

Things are underway on the Herbert B. Robinson, Sr. Memorial Garden at True Love Baptist Church.  I’m happy to tell you that I am still with the project and looking forward to bringing you more updates as the flowers go into the ground and the stems, buds and leaves begin to bloom.  Put a smile on your face ~ it might bring you a little joy to pass on to someone else.  🙂

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