Defining Moments

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day, Black History Month and whatever else you’ve had going on in my absence.  Let me tell you what I’ve been going through.

Well, I started working/ training as a Social Media Customer Relations Specialist within one of America’s major employer’s in the great city of Detroit.  So, I’ve fixed my sleeping schedule (which has been kind of hard for a nocturnal creature such as myself.)  In an effort to be the optimal candidate during this time.  I’m laying my clothes out at night, packing my lunch and rolling my hair at to save a little time in the morning.  With this change in my life, I feel exhausted by the time I return home after an eight hour work day, and I just crash.  So my window for for writing my post has gotten smaller.  But I’m going to figure that out.  As I am doing with all of my other projects.

So you wanna know what I do at my job tweet, Facebook and discuss situations with individuals inside of 90 automobile forums.  I think you’ll gether who I work for through the picture refuse to say their name.  Oh hell, fugetaboutit….  Ask me if you don’t get it.

As excited as I am about this change in my life professionally and financially, I want to retain my humble attitude which has carried me through the last year.  The thing that had taken over my mind is that I have lived with less why go to the extreme now that I have more.  Or because I have this job.

Saving money and planning for the future have become important to me.  I’m doing the weekly/daily savings challenge, which has taken great discipline.  There’s no need to go crazy.  I’ve learned from my exploration into HAPPINESS.

This is my defining moment.  My opportunity to see if I’ve learned, grown and focused my life more then I had before.  Things are always looking up even when you feel like you’re all the way at the bottom.  As always keep a  🙂 on your face.  It might help someone else more than it helps you.

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