Beau Miss Life

As you’ve already read in the Beautifully Misunderstood birthday post, new things are happening around here.  Let me formally introduce Beau Miss Lifestyle.  I recognized that there are some things lost in society and I’ll help fill the voids that are critical in obtaining a well rounded form of happy.  How would you like to cook NEW & TASTY meals, decorate/ organize your home to meet your needs, steal someone else’s grandma’s home remedies and explore some of MY favorite things?  I know you would and if NOT.  Tell someone you kow might need a little mind bending direction all in the comfort and availability of their own time.  This is an excerpt from the page:

This is strictly a REAL WORLD GIRL help aid.  We’re gonna discuss, recommend & inform you on everything you need to know from A-Z.  Weekly additions will be added for Fare, Affairs, Home Antidotes & Gear and let’s NOT forget BM’s Beloved Stuff

A Beau Miss lady is stylish, strong and fearless.  She holds her head up through all decisions and is curious to know all she can.  Unfortunately, some things are out of her grasp and she just needs a little shove in the right direction.  So subscribe to receive updates as soon as we post them.  Don’t be afraid to ask us questions, we’ll do our best to give you simple solutions to whatever the situation.  Email all questions to

This is NOT about the fancy, stuck-up or the traditional way.  Beau Miss Lifestyle is about your way.  Your choices, expression and finding inspiration.  We hope you learn a little something and enjoy a Beau Miss Lifestyle with our assistance.

So EVERY WEEK there will be a new post for each category.  Life is everyday you live.  Why not make it more enjoyable and absorb something new to make it more meaningful.  I’m NOT going to pretend I’m Oprah or Martha Stewart, but I will offer my knowledge in these specific areas with anyone willing to do something diffferent.

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