Better Hair & Big Decisions

In the beginning of a new year and all I can think about is the health of my hair.  Yes, I’ve continued to look for the right mixture for my hair.  Over the next several months I’ll be using Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab shampoo and conditioner and my go to coconut oil, honey and Chobani Greek yogurt.  During this harsh winter season, I’ve decided to use the garlic treatment to prevent excess shedding (which I have noticed.)  In the past sixteen days of this new year .  I have NOT placed any heat due to styling into my hair.  After a trim NYE and my stylist demanding me to wrap my hair up at night, I realized in order to achieve my goal of BSL hair by #19 high school graduation.  I better start doing things differently.  Massa (my KM #222 pressing comb) has been retired to a far off land or better yet the landfill.  Yep, I threw him away.  The discontinued use of harsh chemicals and excessive heat in styling will not create the kind of results I’m looking for if I don’t take full control of nurturing a healthier mane.  So on this Friday Eve, I’m having a wash party.  All the new and old products invited are here including a Family Dollar shopping bag that I’m using instead of the shower cap.  Heeeey, it was free!!! 🙂

New Party Guest

I’m beginning the party off with a pre-poo (before you shampoo) I discovered and made via, it’s EVOO infused with lavender straight from the plants in my own backyard.  The smell is amazing and this step gives you a little extra time to wrap things up before I take on the task of shampooing my hair.  Lord knows EVERY time I prepare to have a wash party people start calling, need to run out to the store or something that creates a pause in the activities.  Go over to Beau Miss Lifestyle for the instructions on creating this pre-poo.  I placed the shopping bag on my head and started working on another project while I let the oil handle it’s business.  Might as well tell y’all I let this sit on my head for 2 hours, smh.

Sitting here with the Deep Conditioning Treatment on my head thinking about what to do with this hair once I rinse it out.  Twisting my hair is a front-runner as I do not want to blow dry my hair.  This treatment is composed of the yogurt, crushed garlic, honey, a small amount of coconut oil and the complimentary conditioner.  I’ve done a similar treatment to my hair before and my hair smelled like “Benihana” afterward.  At least that’s what a guy told me when he smelled my hair and that last for about a week.  I’ll experiment with natural treatments on my hair at least once.  The day I take care of my hair with products that can be purchased with NO tax!!!! Baaaaaaby, I would probably do a gymnastic routine, Lol!

The big decision I’m toying with is either to transition or BIG CHOP.  I think, wait I’m lying I love to have my hair cut dramatically.  There’s this newness that comes over me because I have to get used to it.  Then there is the excitement of styling it.  And if I’m gonna do it might as well DO IT!  Let’s not forget this gorgeous face that could hold any hairstyle, Lol! (A little vanity never hurt nobody..) So I posted this pic on all social networks I am associated with:my options

All the images within the collage are the styles that have grabbed my attention.  Moreover, my internal conflict over the pretty good hair I already have and the possibility of a new employment opportunity have stopped me right in my tracks.  I placed my own picture in there because I could just continue and transition into my natural curl.  The support I have received from my family and friends has been shocking yet the final decision lies with me.  We’ll see what the future has in store for my hair.  In the RIGHT NOW, my focus is to keep it from breaking off and keeping my hands out of it.  My hair has always been a major concern to me.  Making sure that my tresses are in their supreme state has always been a priority.  I’m leaning toward the larger picture in the collage.  If I remember correctly, I don’t have a hook head.  So, I should be okay, Lol..  As I said let’s just stay tune to find out what happens in my Healthy Hair Journey.

As always 🙂  it might help someone more than you know.

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