One Night Only

Well, I finally captured my crush. Be aware that I’m talking about New Years Eve. Not Maxwell, even though that would be like a fairytale come true, Lol! Needless to say that I had a great time but more than that I enjoyed the energy & laughter the night presented. I’ll highlight the day and night so you can feel like you were there with me.

The day began without a hitch real smooth. I got my hair done in the timeliest of fashions, nails taken care of and sat down to eat a small meal before the festivities began. While at home “harvesting my energy” for the night. I talked with a few friends and worked on a few things I couldn’t resist. Oh yeah, my dress I order for the evening arrived as excepted and promised from the company. Victoria’s Secret never lets me down. I don’t try it on because I know it will fit… πŸ™‚ So now I’m planning my makeup for the evening. (Sidebar: Christmas Day my homegirl MiaRay of Confessions of a Glamaholic Instagram a pic of lipstick marked down with a 50% off sticker. I was geeked to get there and cop me some as well… However, I didn’t get a chance to get there that day so I went the next. Praise God!!! The lady was tagging a gang of Revlon stuff for 75% off. I saved a cool $100.31 off my purchases.) With so many options I decided to go for drama with the black smokey eye, my infamous coral blush and a burnt red lip. I didn’t have my stylist pull my curls I needed them to set as long as they could for the damage I was about to put on them, Lol.

The clock rolled around to 8:30pm and it was game time, NOT Monday Night Football more like beat the clock & dress up smashed together. No problems arise and I was ready for action. As soon as I was complete, someone must have NOT rolled their clocks back and the shooting started. This has been a ritual all my life as people bring in the new year shooting. Mind you I was ready at 10:30pm, so I’m pissed about it. Now, I’m just waiting on my sister to pick me up so we can enjoy the night. Our cousin decided to roll with us. What’s that saying the more the merrier. Let’s Go!!!!


We arrive a little before the new year takes place, clink glasses and scream HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I shared a kiss with the host of the party took a few pictures and it was time to go to work on the dance floor. It seemed like the DJ knew all my songs and he played them in the right sequence. I didn’t remove myself from it until I went to look for my family that had been gone a couple of minutes too long… I found them and got right back to where I belonged – on the floor. As the time swept past us we decided to leave and go to another event at a friend’s house. One of us wasn’t built Ford tough so there was a slight struggle but we pulled through because we’re imported from Detroit.

The Next Afternoon
The Next Afternoon

The night held the same magic as it always does and I can’t wait to do it again. Walking in the house around 4:30 in the morning made for the right kind of welcome into 2013 and sleeping New Years Day away. (that pic where I look like I’ve entered a red light special is from New Year’s afternoon wake up at 3pm. As you can see I still have the makeup on :P) In the meantime we gotta get ready for Beautifully Misunderstood’s 1st and my Burfday!! Take the energy and spirit of the new year with you the whole year-long and continue to πŸ™‚

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