1: HUGS For Everybody

Drumroll please!!!!! The event that stole the show this year was the fruition of HUGS (Helping Unforgettable Girls Succeed).  But you already knew that, right?! This is by far the greatest accomplishment thus far for a dream I kept dreaming.  To become impactful in the lives of girls who need guidance, positivity and women to take the time to give them the encouragement for success.  I wasn’t in it alone.  I’d like to thank Mercedies Harris especially for lighting the match to ignite the fire I held within me to do this.  There have been sleepless nights and longer days as we attempt to move this thing forward.  The vision I have for this program is so grand that it keeps some windmills of my mind moving constantly.  Humanitarianism is a part of my being that I’ve always wanted to tap in to but I knew it would have to be on my terms.  As you have read and notice within the media image of this post the “official” birthdate of HUGS is September 11.  A phoenix in my life and Detroit.  Sure, there are other dreams I’d like to accomplish.  This one just happens to be one of the sweetest ones because it’s NOT only about me.  It’s about sharing the knowledge I have with those that come up behind me to help them move farther than they ever thought they could.  Currently we’re accepting girls ages 7-12 and mentors to become a part of our vision.  There have been some trials but we have continued to move forward.  We will be launching our website the 1st of the year.  Our first meet and greet will take place as well.  In the meantime, if Facebook isn’t to antiquated for you, lol.  Log on and visit our page to learn a little more about us.  If that ‘s not your speed follow us on Twitter @HugSucceed, to find out what we’re doing and how we’re feeling.

In November the mentoring program was gifted a photo shoot and the girls loved it.  These are some of the images.  The new year holds great promise for this endeavor.  We’re looking to have fundraising events, metro Detroit excursions and hopefully our own selection of HUGS flava. (I dare NOT call it swag ;)) I’m elated with the possibilities of this program and bubbling over with excitement as we prepare for the next phase.  I’m sure it will make the list again for years to come.  But let’s see if something can dethrone HUGS or has a legacy begun.  🙂

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