2: Ten Percent

The number 2 item on my list is the result of following through with a spiritual goal I set for myself.  To become more involved in my church and nurture my relationship with God.  When I reinstated my membership back into the church of my life, True Love Missionary Baptist Church,  I never thought I would take it as far as it’s gone.  That very Sunday,  my pastor expressed to me that he had been waiting for me. (I knew he was looking at me!!! Lol)  This church has been a part of my life since before I took my 1st breath in the world.  I felt some shame because I’d been in and out of this place over 17 years.  Attempting to find a new church, visiting other churches and working played a part in my disappearing acts from “home.”  However, no matter where I went or how moved I was by the services of other clergymen.  I always wanted and felt I needed to come home.  That’s exactly what I did February 2012.  During the “Right Hand of Fellowship” they present the tithing requirements.  I know you’re about ready to run at the notion of tithing… But here it’s asked of you to give 10% of your time, money & talent.  This puts you in the mind frame of service other than just dropping your money in the basket.  No wading in the water for me, that took place so many moons ago as an adolescent.  It was time to get right to business.

The result of my ten percent to this congregation lead me to the Chair of the Beautification Ministry, which handles the decorating, landscaping and execution of the Herbert B. Robinson Sr. Memorial Garden.  This position had me digging dirt, planting bulbs and plants around the grounds of our campus (more of that to come in the coming year).  As a contribution during the Easter holiday, I dyed 4 dozen eggs to help make the egg hunt a success and helped with the assembly of goodie bags for the children.  I’ve become a choir member of the True Praise ensemble.  I have shows every 2nd and 4th Sundays starting at 11 am on the main stage.  Check for me in the alto section, Lol.  Let me not forget my placement of money in the basket.  Which goes unaccounted for because I refuse to use the envelopes given to me.  My reason behind this is simple ~ It’s a gift!  So in following through with the plan of the church I think I’m in accordance with all that is required of me within the church.  God ain’t finished working on me, please stand back if you’re judging.

Our 7 weeks of prayer begins January 1st daily at 11am & 6pm.  As usual I’ll be at the late class.  Join me if you feel so moved.  I’m happy about the things I have been called upon to do in assisting the church and bring a little joy into my life. 🙂

Can you guess what #1 is?  One more day to find out.  Something tells me you already know 😉

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