3: Google Me

I’m rounding up the top 3 in the 2012 countdown.  That would have to be pulling this blog BeautifullyMisunderstood.com together all from three words that described me.  Wait a minute, I never told you the story of how the title of the blog came to be.  (ding-dong, lol)  So, some time ago I posted a Facebook status that asked people to describe me with one word.  You wouldn’t believe only 7 people responded.  The guys were content with “beautiful”, my baby sister chimed in with “misunderstood” and my friend/brother rounded it off with “fortitude.”  Now, I smashed these words together but it just seemed too long.  That in mind, dropping the “fortitude” was the best option.  I rationalized that by saying one could be Beautifully Misunderstood Anything (strength, style, chaos, fear, etc).  It just seemed more fitting and universal.

I’ve enjoyed chronicling my journey the good, bad and amazing with the world.  So now when I say “Google Me,” it has a whole new meaning.  This blog has been the platform for a few other endeavors to tackle.  I’m just amazed that I stuck with it and so did my readers.  What’s even more amazing is that I have connected with  someone from 6 of the 7 densely populated continents in the world.  You have no idea what that means to a girl from 3rd street in Detroit.  You may have noticed the 3 in the feature image.  That’s the symbol we throw up.. (I’ll always represent my hood) Lol!!!  At certain times you’ll notice my hood girl comes out.  That is at the core of me and people all over the world have taken interest in me.  This experience has been humbling and a force for me to achieve the dreams that I have set for my life.  When this all started, the plan was to only do this for 1 year.  My plans have changed & I’ll be around to share the accomplishments, choices, pitfalls and social events of my life with you.  I’m so honored by the reception received and look forward to so much more.  Thank you 🙂

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