4: Ask Me To Dance

I know it appears that I have always had to together… Lol But the one area that brought me great pause and dissatisfaction was when my song would be played, someone would ask me to dance & I would have to decline. Not because I didn’t want to more due to the known fact that I couldn’t. Well not anymore!!!! Thanks to Mr. C I’m jamming on any surface that allows dancing. After much coaxing by a good friend I decided to go to the ballroom classes and have NOT regretted it. Four simple moves and everybody telling me to relax, I was on my way to becoming a dancer.

Let me give you a little history. Detroit is known for their style of ballrooming. It seems like every song played in the night spots can capture the movements of a good ballroom dancer. What self-proclaimed lover of the city and dancing wouldn’t want to know how to cut a rug on the dance floor? Nobody! People stand around for hours watching the really good dancers. Moving and swaying to the rhythm of the music but can’t quite seem to get the steps. I was tired of only knowing how to ballroom hustle (another Detroit favorite). I wanted to be twisted and turned by a smooth gliding man on the dance floor. Mr. C was my answer to a minor prayer.

So when I hear my song or any song that puts me in the mood for dancing:

I’ll remember my teacher saying to me; palms down, find your rhythm, walk it out, hesitation, 4 steps, half turn, 1 2 3 step back and the smile he had on his face when he’d yell out we jammimg NOW! I love and thank you Mr. C., from the young lady you predicted would be a great dancer, if I practice. So, the next time someone asks me “Do you wanna dance?” I’ll 🙂 and say yes as he leads me to the floor….

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