5: We’re Grown Ups

The year was 2012 when my friends realized that it was time to move forward with life.  As fun as it’s been to be single and free, they had enough.  These of course were the guys.. Gregoire went ahead and asked Kaleena to marry him, :)!  That was special.  However, my friend of 15+ years got MARRIED!!!  With the rings purchased and playing house I never thought I’d see the day that he’d get married.  Held in the historical First Congressional Church here in Detroit, the event was beautiful.  There was a new smile on his face & I fought back tears. (refusing to mess up my make up)  Here’s my friend who has been through so much taking that next step in life that we all think of on some level.  He’d crossed on over into HAPPINESS.  It wasn’t about ultimatums, force or trickery.  He said “I love her, she’s right for my life.”


I begin to think about my own situation with men and realized that it has to be time out for games.  Maybe I’ll give someone an opportunity to get close enough to me where this could be my reality.  I’ll never forget October 6, 2012.  I saw what I thought was impossible happen through love and understanding. 😉

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