6: WOYM, XF & You

So for all of you that left Facebook and went to Instagram, Keek and wherever y’all went, these groups added some needed sunshine on those NOT so positive days.  I know a lot of those groups be on that “BS”.  Just so happens that I found a few that have helped me out and created a place for a few other associates and friends.  It has truly been an experience being in the company of good people who just wanna have a good time.  And believe me that’s just what we do.  No drama (limited if you count a few incidents), more drinks than should be allowed and enough laughter to electrify Highland Park. (That’s a small suburb within the Detroit city limits)  You’d have to be there to know what I mean.  So I’m gonna shout them out right now in alphabetical order.  Let’s start with WOYM or What’s On Your Mind.  I had no idea how I ended up with this group of people but when I noticed my partner in crime Bronze added me.  I said “Okay then!”  I’ve had a ball since I’ve been with these people.  People from all walks of life.  It was within this group that I met the author Shaka Senghor, a Michigan state trooper and a retired NBA player.  WOYM has proven to be a great place for networking.  We’ve managed to meet every 1st Friday for a get together.  I’ll admit I’ve missed a few but they knew where my heart was…

XF is the term for my Extended Family and although Lady Taylor and AJ are the parents, my JuJu is something like Madea!!!! Lol, this group is under the same guideline as the other but it’s a closer grouping of people.  The exclusiveness of the group is what keeps us going.  We just don’t talk on Facebook we meet for lunch, attend functions together and most importantly support each other.  Through the group I was offered a photo shoot opportunity and as much as I want my own pictures taken I used it for the betterment of my other goals.  GBF as we so frequently call him extended the service of IVphotography.  We’ve fed the homeless, partied in our pjs and are getting ready to skate a night away, (not me of course but I’ll be there.)  XF was designed to be just that an extension of the families we belong to respectively willing to help one another move forward professionally.


The last group is YOU. 🙂 Because you know who you are.  It was with you that I took the time out and learned a little bit more about myself and my feet.  Our time together was our time together our time apart is our time apart.  But I’ll never forget you 😉  All these groups created memories and relationships that won’t die if Facebook does.  There’s no reason that they have to because we’ve crossed the boundary that Facebook has created in other places… We actually KNOW each other.  I love you all!!! xoxo


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