8: No Place Like Home

When major change takes place be prepared to alter everything and when I say everything – I mean EVERYTHING. Your social calendar, lifestyle and even your address. That’s exactly what I had to do… When it began to look questionable. I did just like the great Eminem did, got right back to that 8 mile road, Lol. There was no hesitation about right where I was going. To keep some form of sanity and NOT create any unneeded stresses. Let me be the 1st to tell you there are days when I wanna pack up & live with my boyfriend, Cole. 2012-11-22 02.02.12

I’ve become accustom to being on my own. So when I want it to be quiet, somebody wants to talk. Those days I just wanna rest, somebody wants to know “Why?” The greatest are those late night/early morning escapades and they look like “Is this regular?” But the joy is, I can tell she’s experiencing by having us (#19 & myself) back in the house with her is hilarious. More than laughter, it also helps me realize some of the simple stuff I missed driveways, great neighbors & NOT hearing people and everything they are doing in the apartments surrounding mine… šŸ˜¦ I laugh at the fact that I use to say I wasn’t leaving this house until I got married. Surely, when I figure this thing out and create some stability for myself again, I’ll be packing up and leaving again. But in the meantime, I’ll plan better for the future and appreciate ALWAYS having a place to call HOME. šŸ™‚

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