Countdown to NYE

The children are patiently, anxiously and sleepily awaiting Christmas.  But you know how the saying goes “Christmas is for the kids.”  I guess that’s why NYE or New Year’s Eve is so close in proximity.  To allow us adults to have a little fun during this wonderful holiday season. (Especially if you’ve spent up all your money, smh)  NYE is by far my favorite holiday.  Hell, it might be my favorite day of the year, only challenged by my burfday which is making a steady creep into my present.  Someone recently asked me, “What is it about NYE that you like it so much?”  My answer was simple, yet the best way I could describe it. “It’s the allure of the unknown… New Year, resolutions, plans, expectations… It’s the start of an opportunity to make shit right… It’s beautifully intoxicating…”  It has an almost transforming appeal.  As if everything is gonna be alright.  I have to be honest I get a tingle in my spine and a couple rapid beats in my chest… A magical glow takes over my being and I blush, giggle and bat my eyes girlishly.  All of this happening at the meer mention of this holiday.   It’s like I have a crush on this one day of the year. Here are just a few recaps of NYEs of the past:

2012-11-18 02.04.42
For some reason I did NOT take a pic NYE 2010 😦

In preparation of MY FAVORITE holiday… I’ll be hosting a countdown of my Top 10 Moments of 2012.  There will be a new post everyday starting this Thursday December 20th up until the glorious eve December 31st.  (I know that’s twelve days away but I have things to do this weekend so we’ll resume on Monday, 😉 )

As always 🙂 it might make you feel better.  More than that, it might be the smile someone else needed…

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