Couldn’t Ask for Anything Less

So, I explained to you all that my scheduled was filled with what – FOOTBALL.  That’s right, my son’s decision to play football within the Detroit PAL organization, which took up the better part of our Spring & Summer is OVER!!! No more practices, equipment hauling and all day Saturday games.  But if you’re unfamiliar with the program the West Side Steelers swept the competition in the playoffs and made it to the Big Game at the home of the Detroit Lions’ Ford Field.  Here is a small review of a good starting season I enjoyed along with him….

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As you can tell I’m very proud of him and made the most of it.  Football was the one sport I didn’t want him to play but I relished in every moment.  The cheering, screaming but most importantly I enjoyed watching him create a bond with his teammates.  I made the most out of the experience and watched my son mature a little bit more.  These pictures were all taken from my Instagram (I do apologize for the quality, if it’s bothering you.)  As you see in that pic from the Ford Field game, I had wised up and packed my favorite snack.. Guacamole and Hint of Lime Tostitos 🙂  On the sadder side the WSS did not win the championship game.  Moreover, they made it and my son is making preparation for next season.

I thought he’d take it rough but I was surprised by his demeanor and simple request of “Chilli Cheese Fries” (Detroit staple, lol) He placed his trophy on the dresser when we arrived home and began thinking about our next move – the High School Placement Exam… Through it all we’re still smiling and happy preparing for the next year. 🙂

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