The Offiicial Mission Begins: Long Hair

Now that I have established the foundation for a better head of hair.  The most important goals of my journey begins – retaining LENGTH.  I’ve researched a million sites and gathered enough information to set a program for my hair… You remember what my hair goals were, I know you do 🙂 but I gain a lot of new readers daily.  So here they are again, Strength/Less Breakage, Chemical Free, Shoulder Length, Ease of Styling The 3 highlighted have been a breeze to accomplish.  My hair is healthier, chemical free thanks to my carefully selected products and the styling has become one of the joys in my day since the cut.  However, the length goal has changed.  I no longer want shoulder length hair.  Currently, that bra strap length (or BSL as it’s called in the hair world) is beckoning me.. 🙂  I thought I’d be satisfied with the shoulder because I haven’t seen my hair that long since high school.  With further review and the increase in inches on the weft in the weave world.. I figured why NOT go for the gusto of the BSL.  Only because I knew the WL (waist length) would become more worrisome than anything for me.

Short & Curly

So here’s the skinny on what I’ll be doing to gain these much desired inches from MY hair.  I’ll be having a sew-in installed and maintained for the next 6 -8 months to protect it from the harsh elements here in Detroit.  With the change in the season and my love of coats, scarves and hats, all of which have the potential to be dangerous to my hair.  Follicles that are soft and thin yet bountiful.  More than anything though, I have to protect my hair from ME.  I am dangerous on my hair once it gains a little length.  I’ll throw it in a ponytail with rubber bands just as quick, press it continually and put all kinds of crap in it.  The one thing that I do fear is that I won’t be able to wash it as much as I love.  That’s always been my hang up with this style.  I love having a clean head of hair.  But I know I need to do this.  I’ll keep my hair out during the warmer months and resume this protective styling over the next couple years.  This way my hair will obtain a moment to breathe and hibernate…

I’m NOT going to rush the process.  My son’s graduation from high school has been selected as the deadline.  I chose this date because it’s a measurable about of time, being that he is in the 8th grade.  Giving myself time to achieve my goal without any unneeded pressure.  Positively, speaking I do not want to continue to use weave to create length.  One day I’d like to manipulate my hair the way I want without the need of additional purchasing.  I have pretty nice hair and I just want it to be longer.

There are so many tips, pills and methods for Black women to grow their hair out.  You can become overwhelmed with the selection.  I’m doing this 1st because I know what works for me.  However, I’m doing it for a longer period of time because I know what I can do to my hair if NOT managed properly.  I’ll keep you informed on how it goes as I won’t know the actual progress until next year.  As always :), even if it’s just a little bit!

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