Beautifully Misunderstood: Marlea Z. Wilson

Marlea Z. Wilson

Funny man Jim Carrey said “It is better to risk starving to death then surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?”  Well, she AIN’T gonna starve, nor give up on her dreams.   All Marlea Z. Wilson had was faith, love and courage steeped in a stoical brew to follow what she believed to be this lifes calling.  The year 2012 is the beginning of the next chapter of her life, which includes dreams that she had placed on hold and thanksgiving from the extended growth period.  It is within this time that she co-founded HUGS a girls mentoring program, left robotic stability and chronicle her journey of struggle & triumph with the world.  Beautifully Misunderstood stopped Marlea for the “Happiness Quest” inquiry.

Who inspired/encouraged your movements/change?  My son was the first person to encourage me to do this.  I knew I had to do better to expose him to the life I wanted for him and set the standard for my expectations of him – Follow your heart.  The most important inspiration was myself.. I kept feeling that my life was purposed for MORE.        

What risk (if any) did you take to follow your happiness?  I left the stability of my job which I held for 6 years.  It sounds crazy but I decided to leap off a cliff with only the faith I have in God as my parachute.   

When did you discover what would make you happy?  Over the past several years, the thoughts have followed me and rested in my heart.  I’ve always wanted to be on the professional side of the health care industry.  Health care administration was the goal.  The mentoring program has been a dream of mine since I was in undergrad.  So many girls need good women/ ladies to take them under our wings and give them the strength to become the best contributor of society they can.  I feel a joy unmatched by anything I’ve known when I talk about the girls and what we’re working to do with them. 

How long did it take you to embrace the move toward happiness?   It took me a year.  I thought about it and it weighed heavy on me.  Not until July 2011, did I start executing my plan to close this major part in my life.  I experienced a moment where I was actually crying on my way to work spearheaded by  the MJB song “I Can See In Color.”  Life had to be greater than THIS!  The closer I got to the finish date the more relief I felt.  Not to mention, I had the overwhelming support of my family, especially my mother.  She actually was counting down the days faster than me. LOL

Where would you be had you NOT followed your happiness?  I’d still be the frustrated, unhappy, scared Resident Care Assistant within one of Oakland counties assisted living facilities.  I’m not sure if I would still be employed at my last employer because that place had begun to wear me down FASTER than it should.

Sum up your journey in one sentence…. I am the product of grace, mercy, support and many blessings harvesting my energy to reach my full potential.

Beautifully Misunderstood shined the spotlight on MYSELF to show you that I’m on the journey as well and hopefully I’m inspiring you or planting the seed in you to do the same.  We all have something that we really want to do and we’re just not doing it.  Find what you love even if it’s on a volunteer level and get some joy out of life.  Receive positive news, affirmations and updated by liking the Beautifully Misunderstood page on Facebook.  I’m sure this isn’t all you’ll hear from me I have a million things I’d love & plan to accomplish.  Right now, I’m just glad I took the 1st steps to recognizing that the time is NOW…

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