What’s Happening NOW…

I know, I know, I know I did it again.  Will you accept my apology, again? 😉 Let me not get too cocky and assume that you have.  There’s no real excuse for my absenteeism, other than I’ve been all over the place.  Predominantly at my son’s football practices after I leave my duties down at Busy B’s.  Talk about exhausting, dealing with the public then a football field full of young and old testosterone.  I grind my teeth every time I think about football practice.  I’m enjoying that he has found something to do with all this extra energy but gee golly!!!  So, other than that so much has happened…. You ready for me to dump all of this on you?  I thought you would be, here goes.


I went through with my version/interpretation of a “Big Chop” cutting more than 4” from my mane.  This was initially inspired to get rid of all the straight hair that was left in my head by extensive use of “Massa” my pressing comb.  This straightness was really effecting my twist outs.  However, the closer I got to the date of my appointment.  I kept playing with the idea of cutting all my hair off or at least short.  Then a light bulb went off.  If you remember in my hairstyle slide show, I use to wear the curls with the blonde patch.  Yhatzee!!!!  Short hair and curls, a constant complaint by my old stylist was that my hair was too long for the curls anymore.  And like rent on the 1st of the month, I still required it, no matter how much he moaned about it.  This would allow me to maintain it & produce more of the protective styles I like so much.

The Big Chop


My social calendar has NOT & I mean NOT suffered a bit.  There has only been one thing that I couldn’t make it to that I wanted to attend, The NEW EDITION concert.  I’ve been having a ball, meeting NEW people and kicking it more with my sisters.  The biggest achievement I have to report is my learning how to BALLROOM dance.  Get this it only took 6-weeks to where I feel comfortable with accepting a man’s hand as he invites me to the dance floor. 😀 Meet me on the dance floor, so I can show you.  I’ve attended picnics, parties & a weekly hangout, where everybody knows MY name, lol!  Let’s not forget maybe my favorite social setting.  My brother’s house, full of laughter, exciting stories and how can I forget all the food you never have to prepare or pay for.  Let’s be clear we’re talking about bad for you, greasy food in abundance.  Late nights/early mornings made for some memorable 2012 summer highlights.


A few post back, I wrote about the beginning of something that I felt was special in the area of an intimate relationship.  I was careful, honest and played with the fire anyway.  Needless to say, that connection has been terminated.  It was what it was.  I’m still meeting amazing men and having a great time.  What I will say is that something that happened while I tried to put my energy toward the aforementioned. ( I love that word, Lol ) He was totally unexpected and we’re still enjoying our time together and going about things very slow.  This is making me want to be everything that I haven’t been in my recent history with men.  I’m still open to possibilities.  However, I’m closing the door on my childish fairytale of being married “Happily Ever After” I refuse to let it consume me anymore.  I must confess that after being “wedding” free (no books, websites, shows or daydreams about mine) for over one year.  If the Nielsen Ratings could take down the address of all the viewers of Say Yes To The Dress on A&E.  My house would have made the list.  It felt so right, this is what girls do and I’m a girl at heart.  It just displayed that no matter how much I try to shut that idea out of my mind – it’s crystalline in there.  As a female, I’m probably always going to want it, even if it is hibernating in my medulla oblongata (that’s the back of the brain, I am DPS).  It’ll happen when it’s time.


This better be the part you really wanted to know about!!!! Lol  Are there any new developments, growth and/or opportunities?  Thank you for asking and being so patient.  Well, as I write this I am still the Office Manager of the Busy B’s Hand Car Wash.  I’m literally sitting here doing this.  Moreover, I completed the drug screening for a position I was offered at a new location you’re a credit company in Troy, MI.  I had made it clear to those people around me that “My next job will be attained though nepotism.”  Knowing exactly what I was talking about that’s how this happened.  The car wash has helped me to feel connected to the workforce but in reality, it can’t take care of me and that SON of mine.  I’m anxious about the new job and just venturing into a new industry.  Consequently, I won’t be able to start school this semester as I thought.  That is the result of the required scheduling of the position and the closeness of the academic year starting.  I’ll get back there.  Who knows something could change where I could register late or get it done before classes start in the fall.  In the meantime, I’m focusing my other energy into my other passions.  Or at least figuring out how I can manage to keep the progression of HUGS and The Herbert B. Robinson Memorial Garden.

It’s officially the seventh month of the journey and to some it doesn’t look as if I’ve done a lot.  I can testify to being happier and more confident in my decision.  Please don’t let my positive words and smiles paint a picture that is untrue to reality.  There are days when I sing my shoulda, coulda, wouldas…  I shake my head and wonder was it all worth it.  The answer is always, yes!  Dream chasers are unapologetic about going after the things they desire in life, no matter what struggle comes with it.  It takes a strong and faithful person to do this.  Send your positive energy my way and wish me well in my journey.  Thank you for all the encouragement you’ve already shared with me.  As always 🙂 it might help someone else …

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