Trust In Waiting

Isn’t the garden beautiful?  I can’t take any credit for that garden that was found in a Google search.  I wanted to get you prepared for the topic of this post.  🙂  You all remember a couple of months ago I was so excited about becoming the cultivator of my church’s garden.  They asked me to draw up the plans, create a budget and present it to them.  I knew something was up when the pastor wanted me to call him.  So, I did what they asked of me.  One of the sisters of the church called me and told me that my drawing wasn’t professional.  What?!?!  The informal way that this all happened I didn’t expect it to be so strict… I took my plan and revised it, creating a more detailed account of what was going to happen in the proposed garden. Contact with the mural artist, landscapers and concrete mason was made and estimates were made for the work.

The Plan

Not to mention the muralist Eric Patrick had taken the time to draw the picture up and give me the artwork to display to the board of trustees.

Proposed Mural

I was revving to go.  Then I talked to the pastor. Lord, he explained that the board of trustees needed me to determine a budget for the garden and alternative means to fund it. O_o  I vocalized all my options and he expressed to me that they are very tight with the “purse.”  He then informed me that they will want to know why the $1200 for the mural was even needed or important.  Unfortunately, as much as the pastor wants this to move forward, he’s having a hard time with the board.  Mainly because they have the final say in all monetary decisions involving the church.  My pastor asked me to be patient and NOT to become discouraged.  With those simple, yet powerful words I got my game face together to meet with the board.

That was in April, I have yet to speak to anyone about my proposal for the Herbert B. Robinson Sr. Memorial Garden. Patiently waiting to get that call to present my dream and get started on the work involved in the actual garden.  I’m ready, a million times over for it and them.  I want this to be a NEW fixture in the congregation and community.  A NEW place for us to meet and fellowship..  If it means that I have to wait a little while before this goal can come everything I want it to be… I’ll wait with a 🙂

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