Weekend In Detroit

It seemed as if I hadn’t been out in ages.  Let my people tell it I don’t know where I live because I’m out so much.  Needless to say  had a dazzling weekend in my hometown, DETROIT!!!  Partying and laughing with family & friends – Unforgettable.  The rundown went something like this: Family, Fashion then Friends… 🙂

Friday’s evening was positioned as the return of 3 The Hard Ways “Don’t Call It a Comeback” night.  All of us clad in our finery, TOP DOWN rolling through the bustling downtown Detroit area.  Just to end up at our neighborhood friendly night spot Next Level.  One of the few places in the CBD that allow gym shoes, t-shirts (dirty & clean) and ostrich covered bar stools. (raised eyebrow, lol) It was a welcome home party for one of my neighborhoods own.  Mindless to the attire of everyone else, we strolled our clearly overdressed for the venue selves up in the piece.  Familiar faces & a round of hugs was the appetizer to an unforgettable evening.  As usual my big brother was there in rare form supplying the comic relief, along with his band of brothers (friends).

3 The Hard Way

While gracing this place with our presence, I ran into a very good friend of mine and true enough I saw him a few days ago.  It was better seeing him out in the streets, even if it was a “hood” event.

My Homie from the ‘Mount & I

No drinks or food, just a cornucopia of laughs and slight rocking to the music.  During my departure, I was greeted by that someone I mentioned in my I Had A Blast post.. He communicated, in only a way that he knew how, that he STILL is the here.  I laughed it off and capped that night off as a great one.

Saturday didn’t have any plans until 4pm O_o.. Being the ever ready person that I am I welcomed the opportunity to catch Walk Detroit Fashion Show at the gorgeous Detroit Opera House… Guess who my company was??  Okay, you wouldn’t have got it any way, lol  My cousin Tina.  Clad in all black and fierce pumps.  We arrived a tad late but in good time.  Bullied our way into some pretty good seats and watched the fashions of several local designers (32 to be exact).  We were there to show our support for Chargrels.  Which lead me to believe that my friend Marv Neal was back there helping pull things together.  Confirmed by Instagram he was, lol.  Here are a few images from that night:

For some thing that started at 8pm it didn’t finish til midnight.  I did however see a few items that I must have.  Good fun, 2 pink moscatos and a trip to a port-a-pottie were the makings of the conclusion of night duex.

Sunday what can I say…smh  I went to get my nails done and wouldn’t you know… Steve had the nerve not to be there.  So, I had to venture into another one of the million nail shops around town.  Where did I end up in the only one where the lady thought she could do 2 pedicures, a full set and a manicure/ brow arch by herself….Ha!!! Her husband finally showed up so she could focus.  After that I went to a friend’s home for a BBQ.  Let’s just say I had a really GREAT time!!! Food, Music, Drinks, Friends and Flirting equal my kind of day.

The event went on without one problem.  Good times the whole evening through that resulted in me entering my home a couple of minutes shy of midnight… 🙂 I enjoyed this weekend.  It included everything that I love; smiling, laughing and eating!  A weekend such as this was needed, I been going through so much and I’m doing my best to get you caught up.  As always keep your positivity flowing and those 🙂 on your face…


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