Beautifully Understood: Maya Angelou

As the half mark of the year and my journey came.  I realized that the steam that accompanied this train when I started has begun to thin.  The job opportunities have not come through as I thought they would.  Decisions are more centered in faith, now.  It seems as if the negativity of those around me attempts to pull at me as I sustain my held high head.  It has been in these brief moments that I think on a very short yet relative quote from a living legend.  All great achievements require time.”

Legendary Maya Angelou

Lord only knows how many countless words of encouragement she has given us over her lifetime.  These just managed to stick with me.  It was within these few words that I realized that my journey wasn’t taken a negative turn or slowed to a non-existent course of actions.  Moreover, maybe it was time for me to slow and enjoy the ride as I progress toward my goals still.  I’m bombarded with questions of “how do you do it, when are you going back to work and why would you leave that job?” I answer them all the same… I take it one day at a time with a :). I know there’s something out there that is more suited for my purpose.  I’ve made the ultimate jump by letting go of everything I’ve known to tread new waters.  Patience has almost become my best friend. (Music is fighting them all back as the reigning champ of that title, LOL)  It means the world to ME to keep smiling.  It let’s me know I’m still blessed and unforgotten… 🙂

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