When Man Meets Woman

On this journey to MY Happiness (please recognize the word MY, it’s only pertaining to me), there are several different broad goals I feel are located within this place. Here they are Career, Philantrophy, Family, Religion and Love. This is in no distinct order but guess what jumped up in the line and subpoenaed my attention…. You probably used the clues from the title of this post to determine that it was – LOVE! I feel obligated to share the story with you because it’s quite interesting to me. Once upon a time….. Psych!!! Lol

So this is what happened, I went out last week to ballroom dancing class (which I desperately needed) and was having a good time. Needless to say that it has started to warm up around here in Detroit & we long to socialize, so it was semi-crowded. I took my seat & did my usual start checking out the people in the room and making myself comfortable. The dance instructor noticed I was there and allowed me to take my time before he put me to the test to see if I retained anything from the class the week before. As I sat there, sipping on my Belvdere pineapple orange mixture chilling in my trusty thermos. I noticed an attractive guy talking to the promoter of the event. That was it.

Now, I’ve received my well done compliment (which was “Beautiful”) & slight workout from the dance instructor. I returned to the area I was situationed. I’m talking, laughing, hugging and swaying to the music. That’s when the noticeable guy came over to me and asked me an off the wall like the late great Michael Jackson question which I will save for just us… *snickering* After I responded as only I could he proceeded with a genuine gentleman’s nature. As he returned to his area of origin I checked for him several times.

New Beginnings

It wasn’t until a text session we were having that I gave this interaction some real thought. There in those text messages he shared with me that he like to “people watch.” My mind wouldn’t allow me to not ask him “what he saw when he saw me?” These next lines are from his response… You are a highly motivated woman who understands her abilities and incapabilities. You aren’t obsessive compulsive, but you are meticulous. Though you place importance on emotions, you are led by logic. You are very accepting, but will not allow your morals to be infringed upon. Family oriented, you place a high value on your friends, and limit your associates. Outgoing, but reserved. You observe your surroundings and make choices based on your analysis. Nice by nature, you will just about talk to anybody who speaks to you, but you completely determine just how much of your time they get seeing as how you are very honest about your need for intelligent conversation. Excuses are crutches to you, and you’ve never been one to use them, nor tolerate them. You like your men confident, and humble, assertive yet sensitive to your needs and driven while retaining the capacity to enjoy a day on the couch…

When I 1st read it I was slightly scared. I thought to myself have I already dealt with this person and I can’t remember him. I talked about it with a couple of my friends and one of them could only say “Wow” The other one was hell-bent on showing me that he used the copy & paste feature to come up with all of that. My response was simple. It showed that he took the time to research me which made it personal. Moreover, it was good and it worked. These few lines were the beginning of a weekend of texts and calls from someone who really interested me. All the while I was smiling and enjoying it. It’s too early to know for sure where this is gonna go. But I will tell you this, I’m just going with the flow & :)….

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