A Minor Setback for the Come Up

Well, It’s been a minute since I’ve shared anything with you.  I’ve been bouncing all around with so many different things.  The most important to me at this time is the failure to get the school to cooperate with my mentoring program HUGS.  The program was approved, proposal submitted and the volunteers were eager.  All we needed to do was complete the criminal background checks required by the board.  After numerous attempts to pick up the forms and allow the women to submit them & start selecting the girls with NO progress.  We’ve decided to take our dream and goodwill to another institution. 😦   It’s not working we’re losing time, volunteers and momentum.  Our plan was to engage the girls over the summer and prepared them for the next  school year.  But to no fault of our own we have not be able to succeed at this particular school.   This saddens me.

As we look to capture the impressionable minds of this population of girls.  It almost looks as if the school in under interested in what we’re planning to do.  Even after they look us in the face and sing our praises for wanting to become positive role models for the young ladies.  They’ve apologized for their consistent inconsistencies, I didn’t get to tell you all about the 2 rescheduled meetings and us waiting 2 1/2 hrs for a meeting that we refused to reschedule, promised to take action and deliver needed materials and voluntarily made contact with us about getting things started.  All these things, have done nothing more than confuse me and make me angry.  I refuse to become discouraged.  HUGS is a 10 year dream of mine that all started with a project while I was in college.  And if you think I’m gonna stop now because of a group of unreliable people… You’d be SADLY mistaken.  If anything it has fueled our desires to get this program out to the community…

Our girls need us to take some time to invest in them.  We take it for granted that they know certain things and behaviors.  But everything in life is taught and the bigger thing is that WE have to teach them.  I’m taking a stand to assist in the problem rather than whisper behind the backs of poorly guided young women.  What the hell is that gonna help – NOTHING & NOBODY!

We’re going to reorganize and push this things.  I see no other options because I’m not putting it on the back burner.  And anybody can forget me taking it off the stove – It isn’t done.  As always I need you take advantage of the day, move forward at your own pace & most importantly SMILE… 🙂 I still am.

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