New Products, Hairstyles & Reviews

Last month I expressed my plan and goals for My Hair’s Happiness.  Which included Strength/Less Breakage, Chemical Free, Shoulder Length , Ease of Styling.  My 1st “Beautifully Tressed “ regimen currently is a combination of Miss Jessie’s Original Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème, Crème de la Crème Conditioner, virgin coconut oil, honey & garlic. Let’s not forget that minimal use of “Ole Massa” my Kentucky Maid #222 pressing comb.  It was a light struggle in the beginning, but victory was mine because I already spoke it out my mouth.

Current Weapons against unhealthy hair

First off, let me just say that Miss Jessie’s Original products were absolutely great.  Due to them not having all the harsh chemicals that I’m use to in shampoo and conditioner sets, it was a little more expensive.  Yet, I had already tried the Carol’s Daughter line and the prices are comparable.  You know how when a product it suppose to be good for you, it’s accompanied by a horrible smell.  Not the case with these products… The smell was welcoming.  If you need suds to know that your hair is clean (which are only stripping the hair of what it needs) this is NOT the cleanser for you.  Meaning you will have to know and work to make sure it’s clean.  I used the shriek test and noticed the rinse after only my 2nd shampoo was clear. You remember those Dark & Lovely or Soft & Beautiful commercials from back in the day. I only mentioned it because that’s exactly how I’m about to sound.  My hair was soft and more manageable after I conditioned it.  A repurchase of the products is in my future.The moisture treatment, adding the honey and coconut oil, to the regular conditioner was great.  The ingredients blended well and were not hard to rinse out my hair.  Note: it was not specified to me how much of either to add or how long I was suppose to keep it on my head.. Soooo….. I kept it in there until I was ready to rinse it out.  When it was time for me to wash my hair again, I crushed some of that garlic that I keep in the kitchen, like I’m fighting vampires lol, and mixed it with the conditioner.  Smeared it all over my hair and let that sit for 1 hour.  While my son kept mentioning that it smelled like the spinach I prepare.  After my hair was dry I noticed there wasn’t as much shedding as I had been noticing over the past couple months.  So you know, I’m gonna do that a couple more time…

In the beginning, I had to press my hair because we where having our concert and that was not the time for me to be experimenting with a new do.  The hairstyle I wanted to try more than any other were the flat twists.  After letting my hair sit in those twist for 2 days.  I released the curls with great anticipation.  Only to have them look flat before I even left the house.  I politely grabbed my favorite wig and commenced with my day.  (You didn’t think I’d go out with half fallen curls… Never!)  I’ll do it again.  Most important to me was the time I save from not having to blow dry and pressing my hair.  I can get with this.

Twist Out Results

I didn’t end up using the hair vitamins.  I’m very skeptical when it comes to buying health products on-line.  Then too, I wanted to wait until I got my hair sewn in before I start taking them.  Then that way I could track the progression better.  I’m enjoying this new freedom, 1 month down many more to go.  As always remember, God loves to see you SMILE 🙂

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