The Eggs of Easter

These are the photos of the eggs my son & I dyed for the Easter Egg hunt at True Love Missionary Baptist Church.  I’ve been dying eggs this way since 2003.  That was the year Martha Stewart showed me this beautiful technique.  Yes, it requires a little more work than the traditional version but it’s totally worth it.

I’m not one of those people that need to have a holiday craft for every season. (I’m not running a preschool, lol) But the variations indesign, color combination and reaction to them, drive me to keep coloring my Easter eggs this way.  It’s a 2-step process that requires little expertise.

Eggs, Eggs....

First, follow your normal pattern for dying eggs.  Boil, dye & dry.  After this, make a 2nd batch of dyes for the eggs adding a couple tablespoons of olive oil to each color.  Stir the oil around in the dye creating a pattern.  Take the dyed egg and roll in the dye/oil mixture of your choice.  Make sure to make a full rotation of the egg surface to create a continuous pattern. When the desired effect has taken place.  Remove the egg and allow to dry on paper towel.  Once they are completely dry take a towel and wipe off any excess oil left behind.  Display for every one to see the beautiful results.

The ladies of the church absolutely loved them.  We wrapped them in plastic cling wrap for the hunt.  This allowed the children to see the designs on the eggs.  My sone always says they look like dinosaur eggs.  I tend to think they look natural.  Next year, I’m going to just keep the shells white/brown and do the technique.  That should be interesting.  I know the season is over for dying eggs but keep it in mind for the years to come.  Tell me you didn’t smile when you looked at those eggs.  Just wanted to show my artistic side…. 🙂

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