A Day at The Fair

The job fair that is, lol.  Well, the time has come to really get back out there and see what fish will take the bait.  The fish being companies looking to fill openings and bait being me, the hard worker that I am.  So, I got up, dressed and mentally prepared myself for the sport of fishing…

The event was sponsored by JobGiant and took place in Troy, Michigan.  Needless to say the place was packed.  I wanted to take pictures within the hotel but felt uncomfortable with posting pictures of individuals who were unaware of what I would be doing with the photos.  As I walked through the lobby of the venue, I noticed people mainly women filling out applications. Positive sign right.  Yes, if you want to work with senior citizens incapacitated needing assistance with the activities of daily living.  Wrong, if you’ve served this population for eleven years of your working life not including the 6 years your bed bound grandmother lived with your family and you had to help take care of her.  This person is me and we don’t want this anymore.  But I took the application to remind me of where “We” (the institution of Marlea Z. Wilson) could not fall back in to.  It’s too easy and doesn’t help me move toward my ultimate goals.

The Reminder 

Now, on with the sport.  As I mentioned, the conference room was crowded, people looking for an opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to society through their working abilitySidebar: Before I can continue I want to know why some people think the guidelines do not apply to them.  The invitation to the specified to come dressed professionally.  So why did you come here in basketball shorts and a t-shirt, leggings & rain boots or the winner while I was there skinny jeans and a crop leatherette jacket.  Do right people!  The industries in full force were insurance companies, manufacturers and my former health care services.  Machine operators, fork-lift drivers and general laborers had a fruit basket of choices.  If I wanted to sell insurance, I could have started training next week.  “We” need a challenge and to grow in the right direction.  So guess who the 1st employer was that approached me…. AVON.  A $10 start-up fee is all you need to start my very own AVON business.  Then I thought, I already have my own business through Ardyss, who are “We”, General Electric…  Uh No!  I need to be moving positively in the industry of my career.  “We”  are out of room for retailing consumer goods.  I walked around the room 2x reading the job offerings, which resulted in the submission of two resumes and two referrals to company websites to complete assessments & applications.   We’ll see how those go…

All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience.  This is the optimal place for all you people who like to run off with company pens, they’re everywhere. Lol  I did realize the relatively large ocean I’m fishing in I Michigan, with so many people looking for an opportunity or a better opportunities.  More good news, as I arrived home Quicken Loans is looking to fill 1,000 openings within their offices and they’ll be at a fair tomorrow.  Guess I’ll save my wristband (figuratively) from today so I can be ready tomorrow..

I’m still smiling and enjoying the strength of my faith and comfort of knowing everything will be alright…. 🙂

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