Stop and Enjoy Detroit

Detroit from the Bridge

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and I did something I haven’t done in forever – went for a walk.  I enjoyed the sunshine, inhaled the newness of the of a place I’ve known my whole life – Detroit.  With my camera in tow, I took to the streets to capture some of the places and things that scream Detroit to me.  As I strolled around like a tourist, I thought of all the things I wanted to do within the next part of my life.  Let me tell you, that list was LONG and detailed.  Before I knew it my mind was racing faster than a windmill, so I quit.  Refocusing my energy, I began to ingest the foundation of the city.  Comparing it to other major cities within the U. S., Detroit was created to serve a purpose.  Located on a major international border, connectivity to the east coast and Chicago.  My 1st stop was the largest island city park in the United states, which happens to be larger than the ever popular Central Park in New York.  Belle Isle home to a great history and countless memories.  Now, let me tell you if you’re ever looking for quiet and an opportunity to journey around the park, go in the MORNING.  Everybody is there focusing on their fitness goals or just taking it easy.

Ann Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory
Belle Isle Aquarium

Next stop Downtown, with some help from the forgotten but not gone People Mover.  I made my way around to check out a few more hot spots to add to my Detroit journal. Everything was going according to plan.  But it’s hard being black, beautiful & a lady walking around down there.  I was approached by men coming out of their buildings of work, residence or business.  I remained polite even though I was quite irritated.  Not to be disturbed for this fine date I was having with my love – Detroit.  I excused myself from conversations and casual pleasantries to continue the search for interesting/ missed moments around the CBD (Central Business District)..

Broadway Station Wall

As I waited to board the People Mover near the YMCA, I gathered a shot of the station wall which is nothing more than an intricately executed mosaic and this orange post is structural.  Upon boarding the tram, I became excited about the things I was going to see that I knew I had missed.  I decided to get off at the Fort/ Cass station, which would allow me cover a significant amount of space. Area which I was positive that I had been breezing pass never paying attention to the details within.  Arrival at the 12th station on the Detroit People Mover route positioned me right in front of a place I’ve only ventured into via internet – The Detroit Club.  I’ve always had a vision of my wedding reception 😉 , within the walls of this nationally historic venue.

The Infamous Detroit Club

After taking in the area I was in, I began to walk toward a building I followed before Twitter was around to recommend things, ideas and people of interest to follow.  The Book-Cadillac, when I reached the corner of the renovated historic hotel.  I took time and read the monuments of the statues that were outside and across the street from it.  One was a gift to Detroit, for the representation of residents of Polish descent the other was a memorial to General Alexander Macomb.  Still standing 106 years after it was 1st erected watching over Washington Boulevard after so many changes.  I’m sure it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, it was made of melted down cannons…

Macomb Statue on Washington

Preparing to board the tram to return to Cole, I noticed this wall of painted words and statements.  Stopping to read only for a moment, I snapped away at the wall.  Realizing this is what this journey has been all about, my love of DETROIT.  We, residents of the city, have an unconventional way of showing our care and concern for the place we call home.  Becoming a tourist in my own backyard, deciding to only do activities within the city limits and encouraging others to spend more leisure time in the city are all ways of displaying that we care about you, Detroit.  I care for you in such a way that walking around aimlessly brought me such joy.  (Not to mention this gorgeous weather you’re experiencing, lol)

Graffiti Wall

Now, that this journey is over I’m dedicating this song to you with a promise that we will do this again, soon.  Smile back at me because I’m always smiling for you… 😀

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