My Current Theme Music

Women and girls from hoods all across the world relate to our musical queen Mary J. Blige.  I discovered this song when I listened to the album “Stronger With Each Tear.”  This song was feature on the Precious soundtrack.  This song is so powerful that I felt it was Oscar worthy.  However, I guess they have to chill on these types of actions after Three Six Mafia’s Best Song win at the 2006 Oscars. (hunches shoulders)  Some days, I take this song in with a big smile, other days I cry as she croons the conclusion of the song out.  I remember riding to work for a 2 week period listening to this song over and over.  Feeling something stir within me, I’d shed a tear and feel a power come over me as I walked in the building.  This is more than a song to me it best describes my life at this moment, as so many MJB songs have done in all our lives.  Please take a listen and feel the beauty.

My favorite line in the whole song is ” Everything looks beautiful, skies so baby blue, I’m anxious to know where the rest of this road will go”  I’d like to believe this is what HAPPINESS feels like, seeing in color.

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