Amazing Things Happen

Hello Everybody,

Today, is that extra day we get every four years… It’s Leap & Hump Day.  Traditionally, you are supposed to do something out of the ordinary today.  Well, the rainy morning put me in an unfamiliar kind of mood.  I was feeling a little down, because I’m not use to not working, yet.  Being productive has been at the cornerstone of me since I was 18 years old.  But thirteen years of working in an industry that makes you feel menial instead of meaningful is worthless. (You might wanna jot that line down.. It feels CLASSIC, lol) Beautifully Misunderstood was created from the desire to become and do the things you are passionate about while accepting the risks that comes with it.

So when one of my friends reached out to me about initiating a mentoring program for young girls, needless to say I was excited.  I’ve always wanted to start my own non-profit for girls.  Giving back to our community should be foremost in the minds of strong women.  It’s through our community that we gained this strength.  Giving girls an opportunity to clear the hurdles we stumbled on and support over the ones we cleared effortlessly…is our DUTY.

Then to great surprise (via an early arrival) my contact cards arrived.  Let me say this, Vista Print may be the most affordable, but when you’re looking to get noticed.  Use, their variety of die-cut cards and finishes are spectacular.  This totally lifted my spirits and will be my greatest assistant in the networking pool.  Check it out!!

The name behind this day and the year is appropriate for this moment in my life.  “Leap” what I’ve decided to do to feel fulfilled and purposeful in this life.  I know it’s raining and the sun may not be shining as bright as we want but as long as there’s a daytime there’s sunshine.  Until you read again, SMILE. 🙂

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